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There are creepy dealings on all of Jeffrey Epstein’s former properties including his island and here are the revealing details.

Jeffrey Epstein owned more than an island: His real estate revealed

Jeffrey Epstein’s private Caribbean island Little St. James has gone down infamy as the hub of Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. The island has been branded with some distasteful monikers, including “Pedophile Island”, “Island of Sin” and “Orgy Island”. 

However, in true millionaire style Jeffrey Epstein didn’t have just one private haven but multiple luxurious houses all over the world where he conducted his sordid business. Epstein’s many residences made it easier for him to evade the consequences for his crimes. There are creepy dealings on all of Epstein’s former properties and here are the revealing details. 

The Paris apartment

There’s very little known about Epstein’s apartment on Avenue Foch, located around the 16th arrondissement in Paris. The French police did search the apartment in 2019 after Epstein’s arrest and were told by the millionaire’s Franco-Brazilian butler that Epstein did have a room in the apartment dedicated to his favorite pastime – sexy massages. 


We know the horror stories about Little St. James, and the Lolita Express. But what exactly went down on Jeffrey Epstein's island?

The other private island 

Apparently one Caribbean island wasn’t enough for Epstein. He purchased the 165-acre Great St. James island in 2016 for $18 million. Epstein planned to expand his island dealings to Great St. James where he intended to build a complex of buildings and even an underwater office.

After Epstein was arrested in 2019, the Virgin Island authorities issued a stop work order when they discovered that the island’s construction was unauthorized. 

The New York City townhouse

Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse on 71st Street was said to be a gift from his former mentor Les Wexner who transferred the deed to Epstein in 1996 for the grand sum of $0. The townhouse is filled with Epstein’s eccentric taste in art, including a portrait of Bill Clinton wearing a blue dress & a life-sized female doll hanging conspicuously from a chandelier. 

The other oddities in the house included a room completely upholstered in leather, a photorealistic mural featuring Epstein in a prison yard, and a twenty-foot “Scarface” desk that Epstein sat behind while watching twenty computer monitors. In 2019, the police raided the house and uncovered thousands of nude photographs and another room for Epstein’s “massages”. 

The Palm Beach Mansion 

Epstein acquired his Palm Beach residence on El brillo Way in 1990 for $2.5 million. Reportedly, this is the residence that the police raided which secured evidence for Epstein’s indictment in 2008 when he was arrested for prostitution charges. Like the New York townhouse, the Palm Beach crib was full of creepy items. 

There were framed nude photos, a photo of Epstein with the Pope displayed prominently next to ones of him next to young girls, as well as a fully-equipped dentist chair and a bathroom stocked with genitalia soap. And once again in a house owned by Epstein, there were massages tables & sex toys found in the same vicinity. 

The New Mexican ranch 

The ranch in Stanley, New Mexico is a 7,500-acre property that Epstein purchased from former NM Governor Bruce King. Epstein named the property Zorro Ranch after he expanded the territory to 10,000 acres. The ranch includes a 26,700 square foot mansion, an airplane hangar, and a landing strip. 

There have been several accounts of alleged sexual assault at the New Mexico property including a fifteen-year-old girl who was touched inappropriately on yet another massage table and a claim from Virginia Roberts Giuffre, an outspoken victim of Epstein’s, that she was also abused at Zorro Ranch. In May the NM State Attorney General launched an investigation to expose any sex crimes that may have been committed at the ranch. 

Zorro Ranch is also tied to another bizarre scheme involving Epstein. The millionaire had a fascination with eugenics and reportedly wished to “seed the human race with his DNA”. Epstein planned to use Zorro Ranch as the homebase for his plan and would impregnate twenty women at a time to eventually give birth to his babies.

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