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Is Jeffree Star an abuser? Delve into the latest Twitter allegations against the controversial beauty vlogger.

Is Jeffree Star an abuser? Inside the bombshell Twitter accusations

Is Jeffree Star becoming more like Jeffrey Epstein? It looks like the list of Star’s crimes is never-ending. YouTuber & entrepreneur Jeffree Star is now accused of being an abuser. Fans of the YouTube community can safely say that Star is one of the most famous (more like infamous) YouTubers on the platform. 

With a flamboyant wardrobe and an even more extravagant personality, it’s hard to find the person underneath the glamour. Jeffree Star is known for stirring the pot and being involved in enough drama to last an entire career. A total of 40 million people follow Star’s career as he continues to successfully grow his cosmetic brand. 

What is next for Jeffree Star? Could the recent abuse allegations be true? Let’s dive into the Twitter accusations against beauty guru Jeffree Star. 

Who is Jeffree Star?

Jeffree Star, thirty-four-year-old beauty guru, has been in the public eye since the MySpace days. He was known for his wacky style way back in the early 2000s. Star has never shied away from the spotlight – in fact, he’s run to it. Star was known primarily for his music in his earlier days. He released a lot of punk music, which led to a tour back in 2009.

Now, Jeffree Star owns a cosmetic company known as Jeffree Star Cosmetics. He also runs a few side businesses, including Killer Merch, which allows fellow YouTube creators to sell their own merch. Even with Star’s successes, it doesn’t mean he’s not made some awful decisions

Jeffree Star has always been known for his controversial brand & image. Racial slurs, fights, body shaming, and being plain rude are some of the things Star has been accused of. Star’s even gone as far as using self-harm imagery to promote his brand. What more could have gone wrong for this creator?

Accusations & allegations

Twitter is known for calling out celebrities for doing wrong and rightfully so. #JeffreeStarIsOverParty feels like it’s trending every other week. How can one person cause such an uproar across social media? The latest accusations are that Star was involved in several violent & abusive actions, including multiple allegations of sexual assault. 

According to Insider, four men came forward, claiming Star groped them without consent. A further five people said that they witnessed Star use a taser on a homeless teen who had previously rejected the YouTuber’s advances. Jeffree Star had been seen using a taser gun as a form of intimidation on numerous people. 

Gage Arthur was a homeless man who came forward with his story. Gage was only nineteen at the time of the alleged assault. Star had been making moves on Arthur while they watched a movie, Arthur rejecting Star’s advances because he’s straight.

Later on, Star tasered Arthur for rejecting him, but since Arthur was homeless he decided to crash at the controversial creator’s place. Allegedly, Jeffree Star gave Arthur numerous Ambien pills, which led to Arthur performing a non-consensual oral sex act. 

Previously, Jeffree Star has apologized for his wrong-doings, but is denying allegations that Gage Arthur made. Former Warped Tour stage manager Zach Neil came forward about Star’s behavior: “I’ve seen him grope both guys and girls.” Star’s attorney has responded to all the accusations as “false and defamatory,” and continued by stating that Star, “has never tasered or drugged anyone for sex.”

There are many theories being thrown around as well as individuals from either side claiming each other’s story is false. So, who should we believe? Well, it’s all down to the evidence we’ve been given.

Do you believe Jeffree Star and the latest allegations against him? Let us know your thoughts on the controversial creator in the comments. 

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