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Britney Spears's father is finally getting his day in court for his alleged abuse as her conservator. Now, he might be facing federal investigation!

Why is Britney Spears’s father being investigated by the FBI?

Imagine being secretly recorded in your own home. Allegedly, Britney Spears doesn’t have to imagine this with father Jamie. This latest allegation continues to paint a twisted picture of Jamie’s role as her conservator.

When Jamie first took on this role, he was hailed as somewhat of a hero. Britney’s life was publicly falling apart. It seemed like she needed someone else to take control and he stepped up to the proverbial plate.

Now, it seems less like he stepped up as Britney Spears’s conservator for her mental health – and more like he did it for his own financial gain. But what has allegedly landed the elder Spears on the business end of an FBI investigation?

britney spears father

Britney’s conservatorship

When Britney Spears’s father first took on the title of a conservator, society saw a parent stepping up to the plate to help his daughter. In 2006, Britney began displaying concerning behavior like driving with a baby in her lap.

 In 2007 , her behavior took a turn for the erratic after her infamous head-shaving moment. Her issues, both public & private, were causing her to act out in ways that soon turned public ridicule into public concern.

After losing custody of her kids, she also lost visitation rights in 2008 following a police visit to her home. She was then placed on a 5150, California’s law for an involuntary psychiatric hold. Soon after, Jamie stepped in to take on the role of a conservator, giving him a concerning amount of access to her assets.

britney spears father

Abuse allegations

In 2007, Cara Cunningham (formerly known as Chris Crocker) desperately begged people to “Leave Britney alone!” The video gained 50.7 million views as people wanted to know more about her situation. But they weren’t watching with genuine care just yet.

Then, in 2019, allegations of Britney Spears’s father taking advantage of his role as her conservator reached mainstream media. Jamie had fallen ill and various allegations came forth. For example, his role as her conservator should have ended in 2009.

During her unfortunate public breakdown, Britney was made the butt of many jokes and subjected to public scrutiny. By 2019, however, she was instead faced with an outpouring of support. People were starting to stand with her instead of ridiculing her.

britney spears father

Stepping down

Britney’s conservatorship was supposedly meant to end in 2009. She made multiple attempts to seek her own counsel, but they were all denied. She was fighting for independence, while Jamie was allegedly fighting for continued control of her life.

The more people started paying attention to Britney’s case, the more streaming services like Hulu began producing documentaries about it. These documentaries have been met with varying levels of criticism.

Regardless, the documentaries brought forth a plethora of evidence. Britney Spears was building a credible case against her father and it was capturing national attention. It wasn’t just people paying attention, it was now the courts as well.

britney spears father

Multiple investigations and court hearings led to Britney Spears’s father stepping down as her conservator. Allegations had increasingly begun to undermine Jamie’s authority. He is allegedly now under investigation for his questionable conduct.

britney spears father

FBI investigation

Recent claims have been revealed regarding Jamie secretly recording Britney’s conversations. The more concerning allegations have the elder Spears listening in on privileged conversations with her legal defense team.

These latest allegations have finally brought talks of his role as conservator being completely terminated to the table. Previously, the discussion focused more on him being suspended and his role transferred to someone else.

Britney Spears’s father’s alleged conduct as her conservator started with seemingly good intentions. Now, he’s trying to quietly slink away from facing the consequences of his supposed actions with $2 million of her money. What will the FBI say about this? We can only wait & see. 

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