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Looking for a movie to watch on Hulu? Make the best out of streaming. Stay home in your pajamas, eat whatever you want. These Hulu originals should be on everyone's watchlist.

Put your Hulu subscription to use: Watch these movies on the streamer

Movies to watch on Hulu are getting better & better all the time. Hulu stands its ground against streaming competitors like Netflix & Amazon Prime by featuring original movies worth watching. The basic Hulu membership plan starts at a very low $6 per month which means single movie lovers are getting a lot of bang for their buck. These Hulu original movies should be next on everyone’s watchlist.

Culture Shock (Into the Dark)

Culture Shock (Into the Dark) is a 2019 movie to watch on Hulu about a young woman who travels to the United States to live the “American Dream”. Instead of finding greener pastures, job opportunities, and possibly romance, her life is flipped upside down in a terrifying way. Her dream soon becomes a nightmare in this horror thriller. Martha Higareda is the leading actress as Marisol.

I Am Greta

Another undeniably good movie to watch on Hulu is I Am Greta. The name Greta circulated through households across America after Greta Thunberg stepped up and spoke out about climate change. Her political stance and ability to be so eloquent with her words has led her down the path of creating real change in the world by using her voice. This documentary focusing on her premiered on Hulu in 2020.


There are many horror movies to choose from on Hulu, but there’s something different about Run. The premise is so eerie & uncomfortable the film makes people wonder how realistic the story could be. Run is about a girl named Chloe who lives her entire life being controlled & manipulated by her toxic mother. Growing up in isolation pushes Chloe to the point of realizing she must escape.

Little Monsters

Fans certainly haven’t had enough when it comes to zombie entertainment which is why Hulu decided to release Little Monsters in 2019. The horror comedy is about an unlikely group of strangers who link up to survive a zombie apocalypse together as a team. With The Walking Dead coming to an end, any other zombie-themed media is still enjoyable to watch for plenty of people. Lupita Nyong’o is the leading actress.

Crime + Punishment

Crime + Punishment is a movie to watch on Netflix that was added to the lineup in 2018. The documentary focuses on cops who go the route of whistleblowing and what happens to their lives & careers after the fact. Crime + Punishment sheds a lot of light on the lives of Black & Latino law enforcement officials as they face mounting pressure to protect other cops and arrest more minorities. 

Boss Level

Boss Level is a 2021 movie starring Frank Grillo, Naomi Watts, and Mel Gibson. With an all-star cast like this, the movie is definitely worth checking out. Boss Level is about a military man who somehow gets trapped in a time loop of the same day repeating itself over & over again. The twist is that he must relive the same day he dies until he can figure out how to survive the twenty-four-hours spent on the battlefield. 

Happiest Season

Looking for a relatable & lighthearted LGBTQ-centered movie to watch on Hulu? Happiest Season might be your best bet. The Christmas movie starring Mackenzie Davis & Kristen Stewart is about a woman who is super excited to propose to her girlfriend during the holiday season but her plans get squashed after learning that her girlfriend hasn’t come out of the closet to her conservative parents.

Bad Hair

The premise of Bad Hair sounds comical even though the movie is considered a horror. The main character, Anna Bludso, gets a new weave sewn into her hair thinking she’s going for a fresh, new look. Her weave somehow takes on an evil personality and begins wreaking havoc on her life. She travels to different hair salons trying to save herself from harm coming her way.

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