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A Twitter user has posed a new question: Is 'Alien' a horror film or not? Dive into the responses from the rest of Twitter over the latest film debate.

Why is Twitter arguing about whether ‘Alien’ is a horror film or not?

You know how every Christmas there’s that argument over Die Hard? Namely, if it’s an action film that takes place at Christmas or a Christmas film that has a lot of action in it? It happens every year. Accept it. Love it. Move on with your life from it. But it comes up every year sure as sugar cookies and Christmas decorations go up, like, days before Halloween.

Now, however, a new film argument has taken place on Twitter. Is the seminal classic film Alien a horror movie or not? The 1979 movie starring Sigourney Weaver as Ripley (one of the most BAMF characters ever) finds the astronaut fighting aliens that like to roost inside of a living host and then pop out as a spawning method. It’s one of the most enduring franchises out there. 

But is the film Alien really a horror movie? Really? Really? Let’s see how Twitter is handling this latest hot debate.

Space is terrifying

That’s a yes.

Those are rare

Wow. Kevin Smith did a self-burn with that one.

Hot takes all over the place

Chris Hewitt also coming in with his own hot takes.

Well now we need to a space horror movie watch day

Seriously, though, space is freaking terrifying.

People have a lot of feelings apparently

It is a spectacularly bad take, Elle Hunt.

That’s got to win the resume game

Hey! We learned about someone really cool today.

Oh yeah that game was scary AF

Alien is a terrifying film. It gets worse in VR.


We’re just glad we’re fighting on something profoundly stupid rather than, you know, something about national security. It takes us back to simpler times.

There we go

Literally, everyone learning that this was a question posed in the year 2021.

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