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With all this extravagance, the question remains: can anyone keep up with Bezos and his flotilla of fortune?

How exactly does Jeff Bezos spend all that money he’s got?

If we were to take a second to delve into the opulent lives of billionaires, we have a question: how would you spend Jeff Bezos’ money?

Have you ever wondered how the net worth of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos fares in 2023? It seems the estimates vary depending on the source. The figures swing between $114 billion and a staggering $139.1 billion, showing how fluid net worth can be due to the stock market’s whims, shifting investments, and fluctuating asset valuations.

In the case of the formerly richest person in the world, how much of that fluctuation could pay to end all the world’s hunger? Let’s take a look at how Jeff Bezos spends money instead.

The man

Jeff Bezos became a billionaire through a chronological series of events that unfolded over the course of his entrepreneurial career. It began in 1994 when he founded Amazon as an online marketplace focused on selling books. 

As the company expanded its offerings and attracted more customers, Amazon’s growth skyrocketed. In 1997, Amazon went public, and Bezos held a substantial stake in the company. This event marked a significant milestone in Bezos’ journey to becoming a billionaire.

Over the years, the value of Amazon’s stock surged, propelling Bezos’ net worth to unprecedented heights. He has periodically sold portions of his Amazon shares, amounting to over $27 billion in stock sales since the company’s IPO. These strategic moves further contributed to his wealth accumulation.

The billions

The well-regarded Forbes real-time billionaires list puts Bezos’s fortune at a jaw-dropping $139.1 billion. Renowned for its accuracy in tracking and ranking the world’s wealthiest, Forbes remains a go-to for this information. Yet, it’s critical to remember that these figures are far from static, given the constant ebb and flow of the market.

Moreover, a good chunk of Bezos’s colossal wealth comes from Amazon, the world’s leading online retailer. Bezos, who founded the company back in 1994 and acted as CEO until 2021, retains a 10% stake. Although he stepped down from the chief executive role, he continues to shape the company as its executive chairman, and his Amazon shares contribute significantly to his net worth.

The boats

In addition to his terrestrial assets, Bezos’s luxury superyacht, the $500 million Koru, has made waves as it docked at Cannes for its celebrated film festival. The Koru, crowned as the world’s largest sailing yacht, features a mermaid on its prow, reportedly inspired by Bezos’s girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez. Yet, the Koru isn’t the only Bezos vessel gracing the Riviera town’s port.

Bezos’s support yacht, the Abeona, also finds its berth in Cannes. This 246-foot vessel houses crew and an array of luxury “toys” for the pleasure-seeking billionaire. According to the New York Times, these playthings range from ATVs, supercars, and motorcycles to seaplanes, personal submarines, and even helicopters.

Notably, the Cannes waters also host other impressive yachts belonging to wealthy individuals. The $70 million yacht, Artisan, owned by venture capitalist Todd Chafree, who invested in Netflix, Kayak, and Twitter, is also docked nearby. Similarly, British entrepreneur Brett Alexander Palos’s $45 million yacht, Illusion, has been seen in the port.

Canned future

However, one yacht that stands out is the 241-foot Siren, owned by David Reuben, a member of the reportedly second wealthiest family in the UK. Forbes estimates his worth at a cool $6.7 billion. Curiously absent this year are the yachts of Russian oligarchs.

Beyond the glitz and glamor of these floating palaces, Bezos and Sanchez have been spotted enjoying Cannes’ offerings. They were seen at a magazine party at the upscale Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc and at a private mansion party for Martin Scorsese’s “Killers of the Flower Moon.” 


With all this extravagance, the question remains: can anyone keep up with Bezos and his flotilla of fortune? Let us know what you think below

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