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Pete Davidson is going to space through the Jeff Bezos company Blue Origin. Maybe he wants to see the galaxy or maybe he's just escaping the drama.

Blue Origin: Is Pete Davidson heading to space with Jeff Bezos to escape Ye?

Usually, when a New Yorker wants to get away, they go to New Jersey. If they’re feeling particularly adventurous, they might even go as far as the Hamptons. However, Pete Davidson has loftier goals and they involve Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin, and going to space.

The goal is probably just to take advantage of a great opportunity. After all, it’s not every day anyone – even a celebrity – can just hitch a ride to space. Yet, the timing of his travel plans seems a little conspicuous in the midst of his Kanye-related drama.

It’s making people wonder: why now? Is he running away from the constant attacks or does he just want to explore space? If he is just trying to get away from constantly being attacked by his girlfriend’s baby’s daddy, no one would blame him. Let’s talk about why he would be so desperate.

jeff bezos blue origin

City boys

In 2001, a then-unknown Kanye West dropped his first demo tape. It was forty-five minutes of samples and signs of a musical genius in the making. At the same time, Davidson was losing his firefighting father to the tragedy of 9/11.

West & Davidson were both forged in the fire of loss. Davidson’s loss eventually led to him taking the world of comedy by storm. West’s loss of his mother, Donda, eventually led to him building a legendary music career. It also led to them both rubbing elbows with billionaires. Enough has been said about the disaster of West getting buddy-buddy with Donald Trump. 

In fact, it was arguably the turning point of the general public’s patience with West’s antics. Davidson getting close to billionaires has instead got him a girlfriend and a trip to space through Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin. Is this white privilege? Unknown, but it’s definitely being received more positively by the general public.

jeff bezos blue origin

Caught up

In another world, West & Davidson might’ve been good friends. Davidson’s work on SNL has had him interacting with celebrities of various ego levels. The notoriously chill comedian could’ve invited West to share his Jeff Bezos-paid Blue Origin trip to space.

In this world, though, West is angry at ex-wife Kim Kardashian for moving on. He’s publicly lashed out at Kardashian by accusing her of mistreating their daughter North. Davidson has been quiet on his girlfriend’s public feud with her ex, but it seems he’s finally had enough.

You can witness Davidson’s frustration in a string of texts he exchanged with West. In them, he tries to convince West to back off and leave Kardashian alone. He pleads with him to understand just how harmful his behavior is to his kids and even tries to convince him to get help. Since he can’t convince him, it seems he’s decided to go to space with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin.

jeff bezos blue origin

To the stars

The future of space travel is finally here! In 2000, Jeff Bezos founded Blue Origin. Its goal has been to make traveling orbitally more of a reality and less a fantastical concept. Many people were excited by the prospect of actually getting to see the universe up close & personal.

However, Bezos’ lofty goals weren’t well-received by all. The Amazon founder has continued to come under fire for the unethical treatment of his employees. From drivers forced to urinate in water bottles to Amazon’s anti-union stance, many believed this is his way of avoiding responsibility.

Regardless, Jeff Bezos has used Blue Origin to ferry celebrities into space, and now apparently Davidson wants in. The self-proclaimed king of Staten Island will join the likes of William Shatner & Michael Strahan in seeing Earth from an outsider’s point of view.

jeff bezos blue origin

No one but Davidson can say whether or not he’s using this orbital trip to avoid his current drama. Yet, at least he can’t get angry texts or subliminally threatened while he’s on one of Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rockets!

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