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Here’s why Australians *really* love Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’

Do you know what it’s like to step into the shoes, or rather, the red dress of an icon? More than five hundred Kate Bush devotees experienced just that in Sydney Park last Saturday. The annual event, The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever, brought out the dancer in everyone present as they celebrated the legacy of Bush’s hit song, “Wuthering Heights.”

Channeling the 70s

Every July, fans worldwide bring cities to life with an incredible spectacle. This year, Sydney Park transformed into an impromptu stage for an unforgettable spectacle – hundreds of Kate Bush impersonators swaying in red dresses. 

The inspiration? Kate Bush’s 1978 video for “Wuthering Heights” – a hauntingly beautiful dance sequence that encapsulated the timeless essence of Emily Bronte’s 1847 classic novel, from which the song takes its name.

The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever resonates worldwide, with celebrations stretching from continent to continent, perfectly timed to coincide with Bush’s birthday. It’s not just a celebration of the singer’s hit song but also an homage to her unique and impactful contribution to music and pop culture.

A Global Phenomenon

The infectious energy of this unique event goes beyond Sydney. Enthusiastic fans dressed in flowing red dresses brought their A-game, emulating their idol’s distinctive moves across thirty-two cities worldwide, spanning three different days. Australia showed out particularly strong, with another dance-off happening simultaneously in Cairns.

In the upcoming days, Brisbane and Canberra fans will get their chance to honor the music legend at their local parks. The Wuthering Heights Day baton then passes to the Gold Coast and Adelaide, wrapping up the Australian leg of the festivities on July 30th.

The Sydney event didn’t just materialize out of thin air. Organizers set up an online fundraiser, aiming to cover production costs with any leftover funds allocated to charity. As of Saturday evening, they were just shy of hitting their thousand-dollar target.

The event’s description on GoFundMe paints a vibrant picture: Fans gathering at Sydney Park, clad head-to-toe in their most dazzling red outfits. The call for support extends beyond financial contributions, underlining that The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever is a free community event, run by volunteers without corporate sponsorship.

Rekindled legacy

Netflix’s Stranger Things gave a nod to Bush’s enduring legacy, with her song “Running Up That Hill” featuring prominently in the series’ recent season. It served as a poignant reminder of Bush’s influence, kickstarted by “Wuthering Heights,” her first hit single that catapulted her to the top of the UK charts in 1978.

This unique event – The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever – is a testament to Bush’s enduring influence and her fans’ dedication. Not only does it keep the memory of a hit song alive, but it also allows fans from different generations to connect, dance, and celebrate an icon. 

It shows how music, passion, and a dash of nostalgia can bring people together from around the globe. As we look ahead to next year’s celebrations, we must ask: What red dress will you be donning for The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever 2024?

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