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Here’s why after the Grammys, Doja Cat is at the height of her career

When does someone stop at the height of their career? Doja Cat has made it very clear that she can be our woman in the music industry, but also on the red carpet. In past events from fashion week in Paris to the Grammys awards ceremony,  Doja Cat has shown to be at the height of her style. Several magazines have described her as a chameleon due to the facility she changes style with. 

Anyway, she’s got delicious taste in fashion aside from her music, that’s something clear. In the past few weeks, she served a full red diamond Schiaparelli look at Paris fashion week, to a fresh pixie cut with an elegant dominatrix fantasy latex dress at the Grammys. The truth is all artists’ talent weighs more than their fashion & aesthetic, but these two play a fundamental role in their success, especially in Doja’s.

Yet, aside from a success measurement, fashion is a great space for social, political, and personal expression, which is why it’s so relevant in public figures. For Doja Cat, “Couture week is all about experimentation and pushing boundaries” and she did excellent this time. Doja Cat’s concept is fascinating and very necessary for women, but should we consider this recent fashion peak as the height of her career? 

Doja Cat’s career & controversy

When an artist is already as well positioned as Doja Cat it is hard to look back and even think they had a normal life before. Especially when they reached fame so “easily”, with this we don’t mean to demerit anyone’s career, yet, Doja Cat counted on a lot of luck, to sum up, her undeniable talent. TikTok might be (like everything), a passenger social network, but it changes the lives of all creators who got involved. 

Although Doja Cat got viral since the very first music video she released in 2014 “So High”, getting her music viral on TikTok was definitely a breaking point in her career. In her very first 2014 video, she entered into a controversy because she was sexualizing & appropriating Hindu culture. Nonetheless, controversy has been a fundamental part of Doja’s career and it has somehow pushed her further. 

Four years later in 2018, Doja Cat’s “Mooo!” song & music video achieved viral status again. This time she got canceled due to older tweets that came to light where she used the F word to refer to gay men specifically towards Tyler the Creator & Earl Sweatshirt. To this, she responded with an apology saying she said that word out of ignorance and with no intention to harm anybody.

Anyway, the apology was deleted right after, and a video of her saying “stop being a f, thank you” was eventually discovered. Many fans say this has to do with her bisexuality but honestly, she has shown to be unapologetic, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Further to the past controversy, 2019 was the year when Doja Cat hit musical recognition with her album Hot Pink which had good streams & critics. 

In 2020 her success on TikTok marked the height of her visibility & virality, particularly with her song “Say So”. Doja has already overcome a number of controversies that would have ruined her career, she has shown to be that way and it honestly makes sense with her music. 

Is this Doja’s career height?

Although Doja Cat made a name very soon and shown the world she has more to offer than music, she still has a big career in front of her. Her song “Woman” was nominated for Record of the year at the Grammys in 2023, yet, she didn’t win.  The competition was hard, Lizzo’s “About Damn Time” finally took the prize, nonetheless, Doja definitely has the potential to win a Grammy eventually. 

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