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With 'Aquaman 2' filming underway, fans are demanding Amber Heard's removal due to abuse accusations. See what Twitter has to say.

Should Amber Heard be fired from ‘Aquaman 2’ after shocking abuse claims?

The case of Amber Heard & Johnny Depp has been filled with abuse accusations from both sides. The stories that have been told have been, well, disturbing to hear. No abused should get away with their crimes, after all. While Johnny Depp has felt the brunt of Amber Heard’s accusations against him; Heard has not been given a similar focus.

In fact, Amber Heard is currently filming Aquaman 2 at this time. While Depp was let go from another Warner Bros franchise, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, due to the abuse claims against him with the role recast. With that in mind, should Amber Heard be dismissed from Aquaman 2? Should the role be recast with someone without abuse accusations surrounding them?

Twitter has some thoughts about it. 


Seriously though

Is this a double standard in Hollywood? Sure, men are getting punished for abuse accusations. But it won’t be equal unless others are feeling the same scrutiny.


There’s a tape

If WB is going to remove Depp without taped evidence, then they should fire Amber Heard with taped evidence of her abuse.


It’s only fair

Seriously. It really does make no sense.


Just stop

Listen, filming is beginning right now. Pause it. Fire Heard. Get a new actress to play Mera.


Crew will probably happy to see her go

You can see people based on how they treat their subordinates.


C’mon Twitter

Twitter got Gina Carano canned from The Mandalorian. Get this done.



Oh . . . .


This is a pattern

Seriously, WB, can you make no good decisions in regards to DC movies.


Just get rid of her

You’re the studio. Fire her.


Off the list

Hard pass on seeing Aquaman 2 with her in it.

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