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A Nicholas Cage-led 'Superman' movie? How did this thing never take off from the ground? Learn the story here as to why the film never happened.

'Black Widow is out in theaters, but it may have had better returns on Disney Plus. See if Premiere Access is the way of the future for movies.

With 'Aquaman 2' filming underway, fans are demanding Amber Heard's removal due to abuse accusations. See what Twitter has to say.

We have our hands on a copy of a letter which mean Ellen DeGeneres sent to employees of 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'. Here's what's inside.

There have been rumblings over the past couple of weeks that the 'Lucifer' TV show may score a sixth season. Here's the scoop on the devil's comeback.

Netflix’s 'Lucifer' fans have suffered from the news that the series will end with season five. Now there's word 'Lucifer' may get a season 6 after all.