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Justin Hatley and Sofia Pernas might be on their way to the altar! RSVP to their potential wedding and catch up on the actor's new girlfriend's history.

Could wedding bells be ringing soon for Justin Hartley and his girlfriend?

It’s looking like Justin Hartley’s girlfriend might be getting a wedding day soon. He’s been dating fellow soap opera actress Sofia Pernas since May 2020, and they were both recently spotted by paparazzi wearing wedding rings.

Justin Hartley’s girlfriend came into his life way before 2020 though because they met on the set of The Young and the Restless in 2015. They played family members on the show (uncle & niece) but in real life, there was obviously some level of attraction going on.

Justin Hartley’s past marriages

Before Justin Hartley’s girlfriend Sofia Pernas came into the picture, he was married twice. His first marriage was to Lindsay Hartley, a soap opera actress he was with for eight years. It’s been reported that they split over “irreconcilable differences”, but more details on the divorce haven’t been revealed to the public. 

Some of Lindsay Hartley’s movie & TV roles include Nightmare Nurse, Passions, and Deadly Exchange. According to her Instagram, she’s been enjoying motherhood and has moved on from acting to also directing.

Justin Hartley was also married to Chrishell Stause, the Selling Sunset reality TV star who audiences have grown to love. Their messy divorce was chronicled during the third season of her show where she described the end of her marriage as something that was blindsiding. During the first two seasons of Selling Sunset, Stause consintely gushed about Hartley and spoke highly of their relationship. 

By season 3 when they were done, it was quite shocking for the world to see. Stause & Hartley were married for two years but together for a total of five years before parting ways. Stause started dating Keo Motsepe, her fellow Dancing With the Stars contestant but unfortunately, that relationship fell apart as well. 

The breakup has been just as problematic with her claiming to be done with men for at least a year after dealing with all of Motsepe’s lies. Hopefully, Stause dates someone who treats her well in the future unlike some of her past romantic experiences. 

All about Justin Hartley’s girlfriend Sofia Pernas

Justin Hartley’s girlfriend Sofia Pernas is living her best life these days as an actress and maybe as a soon-to-be new wife. Her latest show is called Blood & Treasure and it’s about two unlikely individuals who band together to catch an evil terrorist. One’s an expert of antiques and the other’s an art thief who’s been around the thievery block many times. 

Hunting down their target brings them together in a way they didn’t plan on. Pernas plays the role of Lexi Vaziri and she apparently does mostly all of her own stunts for the show. Some of her other roles include Age of the Dragons, He Knows Your Every Move, and Indigenous. Ever since she started dating Hartley, Pernas has been talked about heavily in the media. 

Some fans wonder if there was any overlap in his relationship with Chrishell Stause, but no one knows for sure. According to Pernas’ Instagram, she’s a social butterfly who loves to post selfies with her closest friends, behind the scenes shots from the sets of her movies & shows, and cute pictures with Justin Hartley. 

Are they getting married?

The wedding rings that Justin Hartley & Sofia Pernas have been wearing are a huge indication that they might be headed down the aisle soon. Back in October of 2020 when Hartley was discussing his new romance with Pernas, he said to Sirius XM: I’m really happy with where I am. I’m happy with my career, I’m happy with my personal life, I’m healthy, I’m safe — I’m all of those things. I’m very thankful.”

Now in 2021, they’re clearly still going strong. Hartley’s divorce from Strause was barely finalized three months ago but that might just be enough time for him to make plans for his future with Pernas.

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