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Grimes just responded to some of her critics online. Discover what the singer had to say about Elon Musk funding her music career.

Does Elon Musk fund Grimes’s music career? Hear what she had to say

Grimes has been producing music for over a decade now. Over the years she’s toured the world and won countless awards for her albums and performances. Her latest album, Miss Anthropocene, dropped in February 2020, but in spite of the pandemic, Grimes hasn’t been keeping quiet since then. She’s released new mixes of old songs and has made appearances in some other artists’s music videos. She’s also gotten a new label.

That last point has raised some eyebrows on the internet. Though Grimes has made a name & career for herself through her music, recently she’s been mostly noted for her connection with billionaire Elon Musk. The two have been together since 2018, and they had their first child together X Æ A-12 (yes, really), in 2020. With a billionaire partner, many wondered why Grimes needed a label at all.

The internet constantly spreads rumors, and the idea of Elon Musk funding Grimes’s music career has crept around Twitter & Instagram for years. Now, with some new releases via Columbia Records on the horizon, Grimes has finally addressed those rumors head on. Find out what she had to say, and what music she could be releasing soon, right here.

Contrary to popular belief

Grimes posted a snippet of new music on her TikTok. The caption on the video said, “My label thinks this isn’t a single what y’all think?”, and that was opening enough for commenters. Someone asked Grimes why she even needed to sign with a label. Normally the musician doesn’t live in the comments section, but this time she decided to post a reply.

In her response, Grime said that she signed with a label to “get out of the gate-keeping indie music”. She also wrote, “I need $ for music videos etc”. Before anyone else took a shot at her for being almost married to a billionaire, Grimes clarified, saying, “contrary to popular belief my bf doesn’t fund my career”.

That should be enough to quiet the internet, right? Well, rumors about Elon Musk funding Grimes’s career might be put to rest, but now surely everyone will wonder why he wouldn’t at least help, what with his $160 billion net worth. Is too much of his money being funneled into rocket ships, so he can be the third billionaire to go to space this year?

New music

While Grimes’s response isn’t likely to silence any of her critics, her fans certainly took notice of the video. If she’s getting her label’s opinion on a track, that could mean a new single, EP, or full album might be coming out sometime in 2021. Grimes’s last album was Miss Anthropocene. Before that came Art Angels in 2015, so a new album anytime soon would definitely be a surprise.

Grimes did have a release already in 2021, but it wasn’t likely to satisfy fans dying for new music. The album You’ll miss me when I’m not around was a collection of remixes off of Miss Anthropocene. In June, she posted a snippet of a song called “Shinigami Eyes” on social media. Many thought that she was promoting a new single about to debut, but there’s been no word on it since.

One thing is clear: Grimes is hard at work on new music. With the world only just beginning to open back up, she has no shortage of time on her hands to work out some new tracks. Her detractors & fans alike will keep up their rampant online discussions, but Grimes herself is seemingly focused on her art (when she’s not ranting about robot-fueled communism on TikTok). New music is only a matter of time.

Are you a fan of Grimes? What’s your favorite album of hers? Are you dying for new music? Let us know in the comments!

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