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Elon Musk & Grimes named their baby "X Æ A-XII". Is there any way you'd be surprised by what the baby calls Grimes? The quirky deets are here!

Grimes just responded to some of her critics online. Discover what the singer had to say about Elon Musk funding her music career.

Pop/hip-hop musician Doja Cat dropped a single titled “Need to Know” including an iconic music video. Dance along to the track here.

What has Elon Musk gotten himself into? Grimes seems to be all over the place with her takes on communism, but will this get the singer in trouble?

'SNL' host Elon Musk seemingly killed his debut as the show's host. But what exactly happened to his girlfriend Grimes days after her appearance as Peach?

Grimes appeared on 'Saturday Night Live' with husband Elon Musk. Witness the fan reaction about their skit together.

Amid the uproar from 'SNL''s announcement that Elon Musk would host, everyone's wondering why Grimes isn't the musical guest. Peek behind the curtain here.

After Grimes showed us her new ink on Instagram, we had to scratch our heads in amazement. See what pros and normies on Twitter are saying about it.

After Grimes post about the coronavirus, does Elon Musk have it too? Here is everything to know about her and Musk's new brush with the virus.