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Why are people so obsessed with 'Game of Thrones'? Here's how you can stream the incredibly popular series for free online.

Where can you stream the ‘Game of Thrones’ series for free online?

Why are people so obsessed with Game of Thrones? Honestly,  more than ten years have gone by since its release in 2011 and it has never stopped being a trend. If you haven’t watched the series, you might have at least heard of its sex scenes or if you’re a XXX video lover, you might have even found shots of the series on those sites. Well, in this article we’ll show you how to stream Game of Thrones for free online. 

If the holidays didn’t leave you bankrupt, paying all the streaming platforms surely will. It’s unbelievable how generations have that inherent expense, the problem is that our favorite shows are scattered on different platforms. This situation makes having a single streaming service useless. But don’t worry, if you’re a regular reader of ours you’ll know we always help you to find the free way to everything. 

We highly recommend you to watch Game of Thrones due to its thrilling story, amazing cast, and landscapes full of fantasy. We’re talking about one of the most expensive series in the history of TV. Just to give yourself a clue, GOT’s production of visual effects required the simultaneous participation of more than fourteen studios globally. Anyway, here’s how to stream this great show online for free. 

Why Game of Thrones?

If you haven’t watched any chapter of Game of Thrones, we’re sure that you have at least listened to it, but why is that series so globally recognized? Although the TV show has gained popularity thanks to its inherent sex scenes full of magic & dragons, yet, we assure you that it has an entertaining story to offer. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a steamy series to watch this can definitely be an option. 

The truth is that sometimes life gets so tiring and after spending an afternoon working and doing regular human being tasks a little bit of fantasy comes excellent. Although we have numerous thrilling series ambient in marvelous cities like New York, sometimes all we need is to forget about the actual life we live in. Game of Thrones is an excellent series if you’re looking to open the door to fantasy. 

To this point, we already know all cinematic efforts are pure fiction, actors are always full of makeup, and sometimes bodies even get modified. But let’s be honest, a good-looking cast is also something to be grateful for, especially when you’re going through the frustration of not finding a single decent soul to crush with. Everyone has their own tastes, yet, Emilia Clarke & Jason Momoa are an online crush guarantee. 

Stream GOT for free 

We’ve already told you some aspects we consider to make Game of Thrones a worth-watching show, now the question is: where? In Film Daily, not only do we tell you where to watch your favorite movies & TV shows, but we always find a way to make it free. Honestly, it is overwhelming to think of the number of streaming platforms that we have to pay for if we want to watch the best shows. 

If you can pay for all the streaming platforms or get an exchange deal with a good friend, please do so. The truth is free streaming platforms have the risk of not being totally secure in terms of your personal data & malware. Nevertheless, we find 123 Movies to be a good platform to stream TV series for free, Stremio is also an option if you prefer torrenting. Just check the legal implications of it in your country.  

Game of Thrones’s official site is HBO Max, so if you were planning to subscribe at least for some months this is the sign you were waiting for. Unfortunately, as more online streaming platforms start popping up, monthly trial periods are each time less common, so an HBO Max free trial is not an option. Perhaps you can investigate which of your friends has a subscription and watch it for free that way!  

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