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The NBC show 'Good Girls' isn’t quite like anything else on television at the moment. Let’s recap what in the world happened in season 3.

‘Good Girls’ is renewed: Let’s recap WTF happened in season 3

The NBC show Good Girls isn’t quite like anything else on television at the moment. This short mid-season show is a drama about three mothers who descend into the world of crime in order to pay their family bills. The show is dark, a little outlandish, and in its best episodes it’s gripping.

Season three just ended not too long ago, but never fear, whenever the pandemic dies down season four already has the greenlight for filming. However, sometimes with a show like Good Girls, it can be hard to keep track of every detail, so let’s recap what in the world happened in season three.

The beginning of the season

The beginning of the season opened with the audience and Beth (Christina Hendricks) thinking Rio (Manny Montana) was dead. Finally, the women were free to either exit the life of crime, or commit crime on their own terms. Knowing Beth and the gang, the latter is more appealing to them, and they begin making their own counterfeit money.

On the other hand, their not-so-favorite FBI agent is still sniffing around them looking to lock them up. Not that it matters for long, because Rio is definitely not dead and he kills the FBI agent the first chance he gets.

Beth, Ruby (Retta), and Annie (Mae Whitman) are pretty much right back to square one, or rather episode one of season one. Everybody has bills to pay, nobody has money, and Rio is more than happy to take advantage of their desperation.

Actually, for a few episodes, Rio wants to kill Beth since she shot him in season two, but she fakes being pregnant with his child long enough to prove her worth and then fake a miscarriage.

Beth’s family

Beth has been working at a stationery store, which by wonderful happenstance also gives her access to a printing press which she accesses at night for making counterfeit bills. However, when Rio finds out he forces her to cut him in on the fake money.

Later, Rio steals every single piece of furniture from Beth’s house when she tries to hold out on him by keeping some of the money for herself.

Dean, on the other hand, has been working at a place which sells hot tubs. He really is a good salesman and does an excellent job. However, his boss tries to sleep with him and things get messy.

Ruby’s family

Meanwhile, Ruby’s family is seeing its own spiral into chaos. Ruby’s husband, Stan, has become a bouncer at a strip club, which is rather at odds with his Christian moral, but he gets used to it. (Ruby struggles with it more than he does.)

Stan is eventually offered his old position on the police force, however, he can’t bring himself to do it because he’s become his own kind of criminal – he attends house parties the strippers work at as their bodyguard, but also helps them to steal. When Ruby finds out she’s livid, saying one of them has to be good.

Ruby’s daughter Sara isn’t immune to the Hill family tradition of crime either. Sara steals a very expensive pen from a house she tutors at and pawns it. When Ruby finds out she’s distraught, and Sara lets Ruby know that she’s perfectly aware her mother is a criminal – so why can’t she be one too? Ruby tells her daughter Sara she owes her one, and Sara ends up being a distraction for a nail polish heist toward the end of the season.

Annie’s family

Annie begins seeing a therapist, it’s a child’s therapist, but something is better than nothing. Besides, Annie’s stunted emotional growth seems to fit well with the child psychologist’s methods.

In true Annie fashion, she becomes infatuated with the skinny brown-haired (and British) therapist. Any guy who shows Annie even the most remote form of kindness is immediately her newest obsession.

On top of attempting to seduce the man who is happily in a relationship and attempting to improve her mental health with his patchy knowledge of her, Annie is trying to get her GED. She seems to have become inspired after she saves Ruby’s life when Ruby gets shot in a convenience store heist gone wrong.

Annie’s son is supportive of her choice to get a GED, but is mostly seen throughout the season criticizing his mother for her life choices, which is wildly unlike the child we’ve seen in previous seasons and it quickly becomes brutal to watch.

The middle of the season

The women become sick and tired of being used and abused by Rio and his gang, especially after Rio has a sweet young adult, who Beth works with at a stationery store, killed. The women decide the best course of action is to hire a hitman to kill the cockroach of a man, since clearly they aren’t capable of it, even standing at point blank range.

They start putting together money in any way they can, in order to go toward their hitman fund.

The end of the season

By the end of the season, the women have hired an exorbitantly expensive hitman, who seems to be taking his sweet, sweet time actually knocking off Rio.

In the lackluster and oddly chill season finale Beth and her husband buyout the hot tub place he works for so Dean can be the boss, and so Beth can launder her fake money. Only Rio wants in on the laundering too, and Beth becomes increasingly frustrated he isn’t dead yet.

Ruby and her husband makeup after a really weird tiff, which honestly makes very little sense, but Ruby also unknowingly puts herself and the other two women in danger when two FBI agents start closing in on them, and one steals her phone. One of the FBI agents is seen attempting to befriend them at the close of the season finale.

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