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Why is season 4 the ending of the hit show 'Good Girls'? We have so many unanswered questions! Peruse all the loose ends the creators are leaving behind.

‘Good Girls’ is over: Could season 4 become the ending no one wanted?

Good Girls season 4 could be the end of one of the best shows on Netflix for people who love watching the perfect blend of comedy, drama, and action unfold in every single episode. Good Girls season 4 maintained the majority of the same cast members we saw in the first three amazing seasons. Christina Hendricks plays Beth Boland, the ringleader of the group who went from suburban housewife to skilled thief.

Mae Whitman plays Annie Marks, the young mom who is doing her best to make sure her daughter is taken care of – even if that means she has to lie & steal to get the money she needs to do so. Retta plays Ruby Hill, a wife & mother who’s willing to put herself and her own safety on the line for the sake of her family. The three “good girls” don’t always do things in a good way but that doesn’t mean they necessarily care.

Now that fans are realizing Good Girls season 4 could really be the end of the show, they’re pretty disappointed. There’s a lot more story left to be told. Just like intense crime shows about normal people trying to get ahead in life (like Breaking Bad & Weeds for example), Good Girls helps regular, everyday people get a glimpse into the dire pitfalls of entering a life of crime.


Good Girls season 4 finale

The very last episode of Good Girls season 4 left viewers with a lot of mixed emotions. Seeing where the good girls are headed without much else to grasp onto isn’t very fulfilling. Beth chooses to stick with a life of crime since she’s grown to love the criminal lifestyle more than the life she was living before. In doing so, she also decides that Rio will be working for her – answering to her as one of her lackeys. 

Ruby is left feeling conflicted about whether or not she should move to the west with her family or remain in Michigan. Fans never got to see the actual decision she made since aside from hints she chooses her family when we see her packing a bag. Her husband Stan, played by Reno Wilson, gives her an ultimatum and it wouldn’t be the sharpest idea for her to turn that down.

Annie ends the show being arrested, which might be the most shocking thing of all. Watching her getting taken away in handcuffs is incredibly sad because she dedicated so much of her life & time to trying to earn (or steal) the funds needed to be the best mom ever to her daughter. Being a great mom from behind bars isn’t the simplest feat to accomplish.

Why is Good Girls season 4 the end?

According to Looper, an NBC employee reportedly blamed the end of the show on money disputes. They explained, “[We] very much wanted to bring Good Girls back for one more season to close out the story, but unfortunately, we were unable to make the financials work.” This seems like a petty reason for the show not to go on but there’s actually more to the story than this. 

Christina Hendricks & Manny Montana, the actor who plays Rio, might not have had the best relationship on set when the cameras weren’t rolling. Apparently, he would call her Chris as a nickname and she didn’t like that. She said, “No one in my life calls me Chris. It’s not my name. I think it’s totally stupid. And he’s never taken the chance to realize that I hate it.” Is this a playful anecdote or more serious?

Where else can you catch the Good Girls cast?

Good Girls season 4 might be the end of the show but it’s not the last place you’ll be able to catch the incredible cast. The biggest show Christina Hendricks was in outside of Good Girls is called Mad Men which ran from 2007 to 2015. The show is about the complexities of life behind the scenes of an advertising firm in 1960s New York City. She also starred in Fist Fight, The Strangers: Prey at Night, and Bad Santa 2.

Mae Whitman’s other shows & movies include The Duff, Parenthood, and Hope Floats. If you want to catch Retta elsewhere, watch Parks & Recreation and Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce.

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