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John Hamm is married for one reason only? The actors bulge has seen a bulge in google searches since the pandemic.

Did Jon Hamm’s ‘Mad Men’ costar actually marry him for his bulge?

Is marriage the next exciting chapter in life? Jon Hamm surely seems to think so! On the cusp of his wedding, this award-winning actor revealed his feelings about marriage on the iHeartPodcasts’ Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi episode. Drawing a close parallel to the thrills of a new journey, he expressed his anticipation for the next adventure – married life.

Hamm’s New Beginnings

As Jon Hamm, the versatile actor from Mad Men, basked in the wedding euphoria, he quipped about the sea of potential that marriage represented. Having found love in his co-star, Anna Osceola, Hamm looked forward to the wedding, which took place in the picturesque surroundings of Big Sur on California’s central coast. 

A quick rewind to 2015 would see the duo starring together in Mad Men, fast forward to 2020 and love was in the air!

At the time of writing, no comment about their weekend nuptials has been received from either Hamm or Osceola’s representatives. The wedding planning, often overwhelming to many, didn’t spare Hamm either. 

He described the planning and the details involved as ‘mind-numbing’. But, it was during a casual walk with his dog that clarity prevailed and an “epiphany” dawned on him.

Hamm felt a calming sense of assurance when he imagined looking at the supportive crowd on his wedding day. He hilariously compared it to his high school graduation and winning an Emmy in 2015. However, he was quick to dismiss the comparison, stating that this was an entirely different kind of excitement. This was about stepping into the next phase of life – a signal to the upcoming chapter.

Babies onboard

The newlyweds haven’t spilled the beans about family planning yet. For now, Hamm seems to be reveling in the marital bliss and the stability it brings. He comprehends that marriage gives a couple a unique sense of comfort and identity which is richer and deeper.

In an unexpected twist, the actor’s ‘going commando’ habit has raised a few eyebrows. Jon Hamm seems to be in favor of ‘freeballing’, the act of not wearing underwear under his clothes. Could it be a personal comfort choice, a textile allergy, or just a whim for a breezy undercarriage? Your guess is as good as ours!

While the ways of Tinsel Town are varied, one can’t help but wonder if Hamm’s ‘freeballing’ display is a well-thought-out publicity stunt. With his enormous success from Mad Men, does he need to be in the limelight for such reasons? Is the silhouette of his ‘manhood’ required to keep him on the radar? Highly doubtful!

Package proud

Or maybe it’s as simple as Hamm being proud of his bulge – excuse us – ‘package’. Just like how you wouldn’t wear a hat on a good hair day, perhaps he doesn’t want to wear underwear when he’s having a ‘good dick day’. 

Despite his impressive career achievements, which include an Emmy win and a role in Minions – the sixth-highest-grossing film of 2015, Hamm seems to find equal pride in his genital display. After all, why should one’s professional triumphs overshadow their personal ‘assets’? The actors bulge has seen a bulge in google searches since the pandemic.

So, here we are, left to ponder if Jon Hamm’s ‘freeballing’ is a simple underwear aversion, a clever publicity stunt, or a show of bulge pride in his well-endowed physique. Or could it be something entirely different? Do we actually need an answer, or is it thequestion that keeps this intriguing conversation alive?


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