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'Good Girls' is the kind of show that always leaves you wanting more. Here are all the fascinating theories surrounding season 4.

Our favorite theories: What’s going to happen in ‘Good Girls’ season 4?

Good Girls is the kind of show that always leaves you wanting more. It has seasons that are short & sweet and hiatuses that leave fans languishing on their couches waiting for their favorite crime drama to come back.

Despite the quick seasons, Good Girls is able to pack quite the punch with its storytelling & interesting characters. It’s what allows them to be so successful and leave a lasting impression on viewers. This also means that fans are always absolutely rabid for more content. Especially since this year, the third season was cut short due to COVID-19 and the exact premiere date of season 4 is a bit fuzzy at the moment.

So, to fill the void a bit for ourselves and for you, we’ve compiled some fan theories on what may happen next in the show, so we can imagine the possibilities together while we wait.

Back together?

The whole fandom’s favorite ship is Brio – the pairing of Beth (Christina Hendricks) and Rio (Manny Montana). True enemies to lovers and back to enemies arc. The sexual tension between the two characters is electric and fans refuse to accept the idea Beth is trying to have Rio killed.

In the past, Manny Montana has said of the relationship between his character and Hendrick’s character that he doesn’t believe they should get back together. He thinks it wouldn’t make sense for his character or the story. However, fans seem to vehemently disagree with his idea, but do the writers?

Apparently, before season 3 was cut short, Beth & company were going to be forced to team up with Rio “to begrudgingly work together in a way that they haven’t before”, according to Jenna Bans, one of the showrunners. She also says this story will begin in season 4 instead, so some fans are theorizing Brio might get cozy again if they spend too much time together – which would also make Beth call off the hitman she hired.

Agent Donnegan

Agent Donnegan (Lauren Lapkus) has become one of the more pressing threats against our suburban moms turned money launderers, yet they don’t even know it yet. Donnegan, despite being a clear Gracie Hart from Miss Congeniality knock-off, has managed to track down Ruby, Beth, and Annie rather adeptly & now seems hellbent on infiltrating their group undercover style.

We’re pretty confident the women will catch on fairly quickly, but not so quickly that they’ll be able to get rid of her by simply ghosting her. So, how will Donnegan be dealt with?

Sure, Rio could probably murder her – that is his go-to solution for this kind of situation, but we’re imaging something a little more interesting for Donnegan. We think the girls could possibly turn her. Perhaps Donnegan takes pity on them and/or maybe they welcome her into their “friend group” so much that she actually feels like she belongs & doesn’t have the heart to turn them in – Donnegan has, so far, been portrayed as a kind of outcast. Maybe Donnegan can be an asset instead of a threat.

Ruby’s family

At this point, the only member of Ruby’s family who hasn’t committed a crime is their youngest child whose age is still in the single digits. (So there’s still time for him.) Ruby, her husband Stan (Reno Wilson), and Ruby’s daughter Sara (Lidya Jewett) have all slipped down the slippery slope of crime by now.

The funny part is that they’re all angry & resentful toward one another for being criminals – very much a “you point one finger and there’s three more pointing back at you” kind of situation.

We’re hoping that in season 4 we can see the Hill family put down the hypocritical feelings and team up . . . for crime. The Hill family was the epitome of family goals & a loving environment when the show started. We’d love to see them go back to that, even if what brings them back together is a bit of lawbreaking. Besides, the more people on the side of Beth, Annie, and Ruby, the more likely they’ll be able to break free of Rio’s constraints and possibly create their own rival crime gang.

What do you think could happen in season 4 of Good Girls? Let us know your own theories & hopes in the comments down below.

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