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Not that Rio has ever had a scene on 'Good Girls' that wasn’t absolutely fiery, but here’s our favorite hottest scenes.

Thirsty for Rio from ‘Good Girls’? Here are his hottest scenes

Ask any fan of Good Girls what their favorite part of the show is and you’re pretty likely to get the same answer from most of them. It isn’t the girl power (which we love and respect), it isn’t the crime drama, and it isn’t the suburban moms gone bad plot. Fans’ favorite part? Rio (Manny Montana), and specifically his chemistry with Beth (Christina Hendricks).

That isn’t to say the other great parts of the show aren’t heavily adored by fans – it’s just that fans are pretty darn fixated on Rio & not much else. But can you blame us? Look at the guy, not only is he aesthetically pleasing, but the character oozes confidence and bad life choices – it drives fans nuts.

So, we thought we’d go ahead and compile some of the hottest scenes Rio has in Good Girls . . . uh, for research purposes. Not that he’s ever had a scene on Good Girls that wasn’t absolutely fiery, but here’s our favorites.

Just one last time . . . 

This wasn’t the first time Beth and Rio hooked up, though (so far) it’s the last. This whole scene – the awkward tension, the long pauses, and do NOT get us started on the little head tilt from Rio at 2:38 – it’s enough to make a grown woman blush even if she’s watching this alone.

The chemistry here is explosive. 💣

I’m gonna teach you

We all want someone to comfort us when we’re feeling stressed. Beth likely wasn’t looking for that from Rio, but beggars can’t be choosers, or something like that.

The two barely knew each other at this point, but Rio isn’t afraid to get into Beth’s space, move her hair out of her face, and, well, point a gun at her – but that’s why Beth is so into Rio – he’s this enigmatic mixture of danger, excitement, and sensual. That’s also why fans are so into him.


In season three Rio and Beth aren’t on the best of terms. She did hire a hitman to take him out – that doesn’t really say “I love you”.

However, the tension between these two is still so thick you’d need a machete to cut through it. Even though there’s anger & hatred leaking into their tones of voice, their eyes still say both Rio & Beth like what they’re looking at.

The clever power play, while not great for our protagonists, is also a little breathtaking the first time you watch this scene since Rio is so casual about it.

We’re done

Rio and Beth fight. They do it all the time, even though pretty much every time it happens Beth walks away wondering if she’ll wake up dead the next morning.

One of their first fights shows Rio being cool, calm, and collected, just like always. His stern demeanor with Beth makes the scene both terrifying & somehow more than a little hot.

Fifteen minutes in heaven

Still can’t get enough of Rio? The Good Girls YouTube account has your back – they know what their fans like. So, they made a fifteen-minute video of Manny Montoya posing while looking like an absolute snack. You’re welcome.

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