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Here are some of the best quotes from 'Good Girls' which make us anxious for season four of 'Good Girls' and what's to come.

The best ‘Good Girls’ quotes making us want to break bad

Good Girls may have short seasons and long hiatuses, but that doesn’t mean we ever forget about this show. It isn’t strange for us to stop and wonder what’s going to happen next while we’re waiting for the next season.

Season three of Good Girls ended months ago, but we’re already itching for what comes next. In the meantime, we’ll just be contemplating everything that’s already happened, and some of the best quotes the show has to offer.

Here are some of the best quotes from Good Girls which make us anxious for season four of Good Girls.

Ruby on who she’s become

“You say you don’t know who I am, well let me introduce myself. I’m the crazy ass bitch that robbed a grocery store, to save her child and protect her family.”

Ruby saying this to her husband gave us life. She had reached a tipping point not only with the struggle of trying to be a good Christian woman & a criminal, but also with her husband being judgemental – she finally owned up to who she is and we love it.

Rio’s inspirational threat

“I don’t give a damn if you try. You gotta win, bitch.”

This moment was rather threatening, but it isn’t a horrible motivational line – we wouldn’t recommend putting it on a t-shirt or anything, but in times of difficulty, we gain new determination thinking about this line.

Annie on mortality

“I’m just scared . . . that if I died tomorrow the only thing that people would remember about me was what was in my purse.”

Annie might be an absolute hot mess, but this line strikes a chord. We all want to be remembered, and we all want it to be fond memories. When you feel like you haven’t made a mark on the world it can be frightening.

Rio being threatening . . . again

“You wanna be king, you gotta kill the king. This stuff’s medieval darling.”

Rio has some very good villain lines, we have to admit it. (Does it hurt that he’s pretty? No.) The girls have been trying to kill Rio for a while now, and it looks like they have yet to outsmart the king. Maybe next season?

Beth on becoming her own person

“You have no idea what I have done or even who I am. And that little wifey of yours who lived to make you dinner has left the building, and she is not coming back.”

Yes, Beth! We realize this is about crime and murder, but it’s so inspirational to women who might feel trapped or bored in their everyday lives. Live your best lives ladies, be who you want to be, not the “good girl” society expects. (See what we did there?)

Stan on not being a cop anymore

“All my life I’ve been swimming upstream, fighting it. And you know where that gets you? It doesn’t get you respect. It doesn’t get you a badge. Doesn’t get you a proper wedding ring. It just gets you tired. And then you get washed right back down again.”

Stan turned from life as a cop even though they were willing to reinstate him and became a bouncer at a strip club where he helps the girls steal from elite clientele. While there likely aren’t many people who can say they’ve had that experience this short monologue feels insanely relatable anyway.

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