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'Good Girls' season 5 renewal looked like a done deal to many people. So why did season 4 get the axe? Uncover the reasons why.

Why is ‘Good Girls’ ending with season 4? Uncover the truth now

In May, fans were able to breathe a sigh of relief when NBC had claimed that a final & fifth season would bring closure to Good Girls. Unfortunately, the beloved dramedy has officially been cancelled. 

Season 4 is now the final, untimely end to Good Girls. With a solid fan base & devoted cast, what made NBC decide to pull the plug on the dramedy crime series? Let’s take a look at what really brought Good Girls to an unfair demise.

Financial hardships strained production

It’s no secret that the show was struggling with money (ironic to its plot). It was even revealed that the three main actresses Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman, and Retta agreed to a pay cut in order to continue the show. 

Despite the actors taking a major cut in salary, the series was unable to conclude the events of season 4. “[We] very much wanted to bring Good Girls back for one more season to close out the story,” an NBC insider reported, “but unfortunately we were unable to make the financials work.”

Tension between Good Girls actors?

Meanwhile, numerous sources from NBC, Universal Television, and the show claim that the reason for Good Girls’ cancellation is more than just lack of funding. An anonymous insider reported that the series’ plan for renewal was cut short in June when star Manny Montana was negotiating his contract

Montana plays the beloved gangster hottie Rio who is fairly necessary for the story’s continuation. Some speculate that a possibly bad relationship between Hendricks & Montana led to the actor dropping out from the show (especially when a pay cut was on the line).

There have been talks before of the co-stars having a subpar relationship. In a 2020 interview with Montana, the actor described his relationship with Hendricks as strictly professional. Montana said, “We come in, do our job, and then go home. It’s very business-like.”

Hendricks shared a similar sentiment to Medium magazine. In 2019, Hendricks revealed, “He’s a great actor and we have great chemistry working together and . . . He’s just . . . It’s just a very sort of respectful work. You know, it’s funny, because I know people love [Beth and Rio]. We, of course . . . love that. It’s exciting and stuff. But it’s much more professional than anyone would think.”

Not long after, Hendricks revealed at a Q&A that Montana calls her a nickname that she hates. Hendricks explained, “Manny calls [me]… Chris,” she sighed. “No one in my life calls me Chris. It’s not my name. I think it’s totally stupid. And he’s never taken the chance to realize that I hate it. It’s really weird.” It seems that the two actors really aren’t too close off-camera.

Other factors that caused the show’s cancellation

Many are suspicious of the excuse that Manny Montana was at fault for the series’ end. Good Girls could have pushed through without the presence of one actor, especially since the show revolves around the three main female characters. So why is it that Montana’s exit caused the entire show to shut down?

The relationship between Hendricks & Montana has been described as cold & strictly professional, but never toxic. Thus, it seems a bit strange that this reason seems to be the most popular headline so far.

One fan tweeted, “Why are they trying to make him the scapegoat when they could have paid everyone what they were making last season or have given them all a well deserved raise for making it to a 4th season. These studios and networks ain’t broke.”

NBC hasn’t commented about the ultimate reason for Good Girls’ cancellation. However, a company insider has revealed that “creative issues” were a major reason why the network chose not to move past season 4. 

How do you feel about season 4 being Good Girls’ last? What do you think is the real reason for the show’s cancellation? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Pissed off!!

    July 9, 2021
  • I am mad about the cancellation! I just heard about it, I don’t buy it is financial trouble.

    July 15, 2021
  • I am so frustrated that Good Girls ended. It was such a great show to watch. I am so disappointed. Hopefully they will figure a way to bring it back. I hated the finale. At first I did not even realize that was the last episode.😩

    September 9, 2021
  • Of course everybody is upset with the show ending but, like everything that’s going on in the world, we won’t ever know the truth. Truthfully, I’m not going to waste my time wondering why the show was canceled. It’s not going to change our lives.

    October 14, 2021

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