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Ghislaine Maxwell's lawyers successfully blocked some documents from going public. What did they say? Delve into the latest drops here.

The Ghislaine Maxwell documents that are still blocked

Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers successfully blocked the release of multiple documents to the public. These records involve testimony Maxwell gave during a civil suit between her and Virginia Roberts-Guiffre, a victim of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. 

Ghislaine Maxwell is awaiting trial and the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York, for her involvement in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. Maxwell is alleged to have been Epstein’s “chief madam,” his right-hand woman who began recruiting girls for Epstein to abuse. 

Ghislaine Maxwell denies her involvement and maintains her innocence. However, several of Epstein’s victims’ testimony places Maxwell at the center of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking pyramid scheme.  The documents blocked today from being released to the public would have shone some light on the extent of Maxwell’s involvement. 

What would these blocked documents have revealed? 

The unsealed documents are from a 2016 deposition that Ghislaine Maxwell gave in Virginia Roberts-Guiffre’s suit against her. Apparently, the unsealed documents reveal highly personal and potentially damaging information about Maxwell’s sex life. 

The suit was brought by Virginia Roberts-Guiffre against Ghislaine Maxwell for libel. Maxwell publicly called Roberts-Guiffre a liar, so Roberts-Guiffre filed suit. Many documents from the suit are being considered as evidence in Maxwell’s upcoming trial. Thousands of pages were planned on being made public last week. 

Is there anyone else implicated in the documents?  

According to sources, hundreds of Jeffrey Epstein’s clients were named in the suit against Ghislaine Maxwell. Only two were contacted, and those two people remain unnamed. We’re still unsure about everyone the documents implicate. Some familiar names came up in the ones that were released, like former U.S. President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew, Duke of York. 

The documents also named Harvard professor emeritus and attorney Alan Derschowitz. Roberts-Guiffre counter-sued Derschowitz for libel after he sued her for defamation for implicating him in Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. It’s known whether more information about Derschowitz will come to light in Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial. 

Why were they blocked? 

Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers successfully argued that the documents would compromise Maxwell’s ability to receive a fair trial. With so many people following the case, it would be hard to find impartial jurors after the information from Maxwell’s testimony went public. 

Were there other documents released? 

While Ghislaine Maxwell’s deposition was blocked, many other documents were released last week. These include emails between Virginia Roberts-Guiffre and her lawyers. 

The information released contains a lot of illuminating information, including criteria Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell had for victims to recruit other girls. The documents revealed they excluded black girls from their victims and only recruited non-white girls if they had “exotic beauty.” 

Could these documents be released in the future? 

A federal judge said she would reconsider releasing the documents as part of a hearing scheduled for September 22nd. Maxwell is taking her challenge to their release to Federal Appeals Court, so she’s continuing to fight for them to stay hidden. 

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