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Ghislaine Maxwell has been in prison for almost four months now, but apparently a family friend of hers is trying to get her out.

Ghislaine Maxwell now: Who in the world is trying to break her out of jail?

There should be no one on God’s green Earth begging for Ghislaine Maxwell’s release other than her lawyers. But someone out there in the wild blue yonder is fighting for her release. 

Maxwell is currently held at the Metropolitan Detention Center in New York on charges related to her ex, Jeffrey Epstein, and his pedophile ring. She’s charged with enticement of minors, sex trafficking of children, and perjury. Her long-time friend Brian Basham is taking up the fight for her release in a second go-around for bail.

Who is Brian Basham?

Brian Basham is a veteran PR professional with many years in the industry. He’s known for his PR firm’s involvement with British Airways. Ultimately, his firm came under fire when Richard Branson of Virgin Airways claimed Basham’s company was running a smear campaign against Virgin. British Airways lost the legal battles and blamed Basham & his firm for the mishap. 

We’re unsure when Basham met the Maxwells, but he is described as a longtime family friend. He could be a friend of her late father, Robert Maxwell. Via multiple outlets, we believe he’s not in direct contact with Maxwell, but is in contact with her family.

Maxwell’s treatment 

Basham has called Ghislaine Maxwell’s escape “Operation GGO”. His main reasoning for the campaign is Maxwell’s alleged poor treatment during her stay at the Metropolitan Detention Center. 

Basham has a laundry list of claims about Ghislaine Maxwell’s treatment, and at the top is she lost twenty-five pounds. Maxwell is a known vegan, and the jail isn’t providing food for her dietary lifestyle. Basham claims she once went twenty hours without eating because of it, and when she complained about her weight loss, guards took her scale. 

Basham also claims she’s wearing inadequate clothes. Ghislaine Maxwell is given paper clothes because she’s considered a suicide risk. Because of the distinction, Maxwell is also not allowed to wear a bra. He also complained she’s locked in a small cell with no one to talk to because the guards have stopped talking to her. Maxwell is also not allowed to have visitors and isn’t receiving mail from her family.

A previous bid for bail 

Maxwell offered a $5 million bond for her to receive bail, but a judge denied her bail. The judge reasoned because of Maxwell’s multiple passports in countries like France (France doesn’t extradite to the U.S.), she’s a flight risk. Prosecutors also argued a $5 million bond is only a drop in the bucket because of her immense wealth as a socialite. 

Basham denies Ghislaine Maxwell is a flight risk. According to Basham, if Maxwell were a flight risk, she’d have flown to France the day Epstein was arrested. Basham also argues rapists like Harvey Weinstein & Bill Cosby were allowed bail. In his interview with The Telegraph, Basham explained, “[Weinstein and Cosby] were men who were a danger to women. That can’t be said of Ghislaine at all.” 

As it stands, Ghislaine Maxwell will wait out the 248 days until her trial on July 2nd, 2021. Basham is helping the Maxwell family get Ghislaine out of jail because he views her trial as a “witch hunt”. Maxwell’s team announced they’re seeking a new bid for her freedom. The announcement comes after it was revealed she’s in solitary confinement.

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