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Angelina Jolie divulges the truth about her custody battle with former husband Brad Pitt. Read how the actress revealed she was afraid for her family.

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Harvey Weinstein is being extradited to the state of California to face yet another trial. Will more young victims speak out?

HBO Max's docuseries on Harvey Weinstein 'Catch and Kill' puts the focus on the young victims of the predator. Prepare yourself to be horrified.

What is going on with the highly publicized Harvey Weinstein case now? Discover why his legal team is now trying to appeal his #MeToo case decision here.

The definition of cancel culture has been warped & twisted over the years. Learn more about how the term itself may need to be cancelled.

After fighting Harvey Weinstein's sexual assault lawsuit, his brother, Bob Weinstein, finds himself entangled in another. Read about his new legal troubles.