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Can you get Netflix without paying? Not officially, but there are ways around it. Try our many different approaches to getting free Netflix!

Is streaming service Netflix free? It can be if you use our tips

Netflix is a popular streaming service where subscribers can watch some of today’s most popular movies & shows. Some of the best shows on Netflix include The Umbrella Academy, BoJack Horseman, Ozark, The Crown, and GLOW.

Is Netflix free?

No, a Netflix subscription is not free, but Netflix offers plans with a variety of prices. The cheapest plan costs $8.99 a month and allows one screen to be watched at a time.

The $13.99 a month plan lets subscribers watch on two devices at once and includes HD streaming. There’s also a $17.99 a month plan which lets users watch on up to four devices at once and offers ultra HD quality.

Not everyone wants to use their own money to buy a Netflix subscription, though. Unfortunately, there’s not even a free trial option anymore. But there are some other ways to get around paying for Netflix.

Netflix’s “watch free” options

There are a few shows & movies Netflix offers for free. On Netflix’s “watch free” webpage, there’s a list of select movies & shows available to stream without an account. 

Netflix says the free offerings can change from time to time, but some of the films and TV show episodes available now include Stranger Things, Grace & Frankie, The Two Popes, Elite, and Murder Mystery. When it comes to the shows, not every episode is available for free. It’s typically the first episode in the show that’s free.

Share with someone else

If a friend or family member already has Netflix, it’s worth a try to ask for the email & password. Some people are okay with giving their Netflix account to people they know and trust, so piggybacking off someone else’s account could be a good way to access the content for free without even having to subscribe.

Mobile carriers

Some mobile carriers offer their customers free Netflix. T-Mobile is known for doing this. T-Mobile doesn’t offer it to all customers, though. To be eligible for T-Mobile’s “Netflix on Us” benefit, customers need to have two or more lines.

T-Mobile customers with a Magenta or Magenta Military plan get the $8.99 basic Netflix subscription for free. Magenta Plus and T-Mobile ONE Plus customers can get the next more expensive Netflix plan.


Swagbucks lets people earn SB points through taking surveys, watching videos, earning cashback, and more. SB points can be redeemed as real gift cards and money. Swagbucks doesn’t offer Netflix gift cards specifically, but they offer other gift cards that can be used to purchase a Netflix gift card.

With enough SB points, users can redeem a PayPal, Walmart, Visa, or Target gift card. Then, the Netflix gift card can be bought through those retailers. Swagbucks isn’t the only website to earn points for gift cards, so it’s worth checking out different ones as well.

Other sites to earn points for money and gift cards include SurveyJunkie, Opinion Outpost, and MyPoints.

Microsoft Rewards

With Microsoft Rewards, people can earn points just by playing games or by making searches on Bing. Those points can be redeemed for gift cards similarly to Swagbucks and other point redemption services.

Microsoft Rewards doesn’t offer Netflix gift cards, but those with enough points can get a Walmart or Target gift card which can be used to buy the Netflix one through those retailers.

Gift cards

Getting gift cards from family members & friends can be another way to get Netflix for free. When occasions like birthdays or Christmas approach, put Netflix gift cards on the wishlist.

When people you know ask what kind of present you want, say you want a gift card for Netflix. The gift cards can be bought online or in store at retailers including Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon.

They can be redeemed online with a code and then Netflix will be ready to watch at no cost to you.

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