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Streaming services have never been more necessary for survival than this past year. Find out how you can watch your favorites for free.

Want free streaming services? How to binge Netflix, Hulu, at no cost

Streaming content has never been more necessary for survival than this past year, when many of us have been stuck inside and left to our own devices for entertainment.  However, affording all those streaming services has never been more difficult, with unemployment at an all-time high in the U.S. and many struggling all over the world.  

When friends & relatives run out of logins to share, where can one go to get that sweet sweet content without the price tag?

Provider perks

Wireless providers across the board are offering specials with streaming service access to sweeten their contracts with customers. Verizon is currently offering ESPN Plus, Hulu, and even Disney+ for six months with their new Unlimited Plan. If Disney isn’t your style, take a look at what some other wireless providers have to offer.

To many who watched streaming platforms rise up over the past ten years, Netflix is the holy grail. In 2017, T-Mobile partnered with Netflix to offer new customers access to the streaming service if they buy a family plan. Customers can simply log onto the T-Mobile website, and follow instructions on how to activate their brand new accounts.

Netflix may have been the first streaming giant, but many can’t live without the exclusive content available on Hulu. Sprint Unlimited users will rejoice knowing they can easily access Hulu for free. Users can head to, add the account, and receive an activation link.

These offers are consistent with almost every major wireless provider and often have more streaming bonuses with bigger purchased bundles. But how will customers of other providers survive the brutal winter ahead without free streaming content? Luckily, some other great resources, from the less popular end of the streaming spectrum, are available to use.

On-the-house alternatives

Tubi may be the quietest & greatest streaming resource on the web today. Not only is the website free to access, but also users don’t even need to create an account! You can visit on desktop or download the free Tubi app and start browsing titles.

And what titles to choose from! The Tubi catalogue covers a great spanse of content, from foreign film thrillers like Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance to reality gems like Dance Moms to bingeable cult classics like the entire Degrassi: The Next Generation series.

Pluto TV is like Tubi with an added twist. Pluto TV provides free content, no sign up, and a large & diverse selection of films and television series. Furthermore, they have an added bonus for anyone missing the magic of cable TV.

In addition to on-demand streams, PlutoTV has dozens of channels, perpetually streaming different content unavailable through a cable TV package. One can flip from an 80s throwback channel, playing 80s movies 24/7, to MTV Dating which streams not-yet-forgotten millennial gold like Next & Friendzone.

For college students, money may be tighter than ever, and a need for streaming relaxation couldn’t be more necessary. Luckily, a streaming service provides free content for all students of higher education, from undergrads to Ph.D. students.

For the students of the world, Kanopy provides free streaming content for educational purposes. However, the service does crossovers with other streaming platforms, adding praised contemporary hits like Midsommar & Moonlight to your library. Users just sign up with their student email, and they’re in!

Wireless users can use their contracts to choose from some of the biggest & best streaming services on the market. To those whose service doesn’t provide these streaming bonuses, be sure to explore plenty of other great free alternatives to get through the rest of 2020, and the uncertain year ahead.

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