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Who is actor Ezra Miller blaming for their violent outbursts?

Storms are a natural part of life when you live in Hawai’i. Surrounded by water and inhabited by at least five active volcanoes, it’s just the way it is. However, no one could’ve been prepared for the hurricane of violence that actor Ezra Miller has reigned down on its unsuspecting residents.

Miller was their peak of violently lashing out while staying in Pāhoa. It seemed like a random occurrence of assault from an otherwise chill person. The incident even inspired an onslaught of jokingly exaggerated anecdotes similar to old ones about actor Chuck Norris.

As more stories of Miller’s unhinged behavior spread, however, the jokes were replaced with concern. Like many modern-day events, it had gone from funny to upsetting in the blink of a meme share. Miller is now citing their mental health struggles as the source of the chaotic outbursts.

actor ezra miller

Island madness

March 2022 marked the beginning of The Flash actor Ezra Miller wreaking havoc in Hawai’i. It started innocuously with Miller obstructing a pathway in Hilo on the 19th. The police handled the situation and the actor went about their business. . . or so they believed.

Miller was later accused of harassment & disorderly conduct at a Hilo karaoke bar. Witnesses alleged they yelled obscenities at performers, grabbed someone’s mic mid-performance, and attacked a man playing darts. Talk about being a major vibe kill.

The twenty-nine-year-old was arrested with a $500 bail. Since they were making Warner Bros. money, though, it was quickly paid and the actor was released. As if that wasn’t enough, Miller was then accused of having assaulted & stolen from a couple in their home. They dropped the charges, but people wanted to know more about Miller’s disturbing behavior.

actor ezra miller

Bad history

It didn’t take long for the receipts to be found. At first, many people thought it was funny & completely out-of-nowhere, so they created memes. They used the old Chuck Norris-inspired way of telling jokes about the non-binary actor. It was hilarious until it wasn’t and then sh*t got real.

It’s not uncommon to find thirsty tweets about celebrities involving some level of violence. For example, “Beyoncé could throw me down the stairs and I’d say thank you.” Unfortunately, actor Ezra Miller took this a little too literally. In April 2020, a video seemed to show them choking a fan in Reykjavík.

While many speculated that her smiling meant she was fine, the owner of the bar said Miller was later escorted out by police. After moving to Vermont, Miller has since racked up even more accusations. Among them is the belief that they’ve been grooming a young woman and her three children as well as Indigenous activist Tokata Iron Eyes.

actor ezra miller

No consequences

The strangest part of all this is the lack of long-term consequences actor Ezra Miller has faced for their actions. Yes, they’ve been arrested multiple times and given a variety of fines. Yet, their job is still intact and they’ve not been treated like the force of violence & public disturbance they deserve.

In fact, Will Smith has been more publicly criticized for slapping Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards. Many celebrities called for his arrest and he was banned from the Academy, among other forms of professional backlash. Smith suffered for what he did after one incident that some people felt was wholly deserved in the protection of his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Meanwhile, Miller hasn’t even had a court date for their multiple alleged crimes. Warner Bros. has not pulled them from the upcoming The Flash movie. They were still featured in Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, a feat even beloved actor Johnny Depp couldn’t pull off.

actor ezra miller

Mental health

It’s unclear what’s protecting actor Ezra Miller from much-deserved condemnation for their recent behavior. What is clear, though, is someone has finally convinced Miller to apologize & seek help. The actor is now citing unmanaged mental health symptoms as the cause of their outbursts.

The young actor seems ready to focus on getting back into a healthier stage in life. Some take this at face value. We all fall on hard times and make mistakes because of unresolved emotional hurt. Others can’t help but be skeptical. They believe this is a ruse to gain favor in the court of public opinion.

Regardless, it’s nice to see them face some accountability after years of merely being slapped on the wrist. Whether or not Miller is being sincere and will actually work on themselves has yet to be seen, but, as Lizzo would say, it’s about damn time!

Do you think actor Ezra Miller is being sincere? Or do you think their apology is a performance for professional clout? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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