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‘The Flash’: Is Ezra Miller a perpetrator of abuse?

Ezra Miller is zooming out of their role as The Flash just as quickly as they zoomed into it. DC fans were excited to see them take up the mantle and have fallen in love with their quirky portrayal of everyone’s favorite DC speedster.

However, more & more stories have come out over the years exposing a dark side to the beloved actor. It’s almost no surprise to hear Miller is currently facing charges of assault, murder threats, and – strangely enough – theft.

Masculine-presenting celebrities have earned a reputation for perpetrating abuse. Typically, one story of bad behavior getting out is only the beginning of a series of similar stories. Can the same be said for Miller?

ezra miller the flash

Indie star

Before Ezra Miller made their debut as The Flash, they were building a career in indie films. In 2012, they played opposite Emma Watson & Logan Lerman in The Perks of Being a Wallflower. One critic even described their performance as scene-stealing.

Yet, it’s their role as the violently unstable Kevin Khatchadourian that seems ironic in the wake of the allegations against them. In 2011, they played Kevin in the psychological thriller We Need to Talk About Kevin

Actors sometimes use method acting to fully embody their characters. While this style of acting can get great results, it often comes at the expense of the actor’s mental health. Has Miller fallen victim to their own professional madness?

ezra miller the flash

Coming out

In December 2021, Ezra Miller shared their official pronouns – they/them/theirs, it, and ze – after their debut as The Flash. While Miller had previously come out as queer, the confirmation of their genderfluid identity made many queer DC fans feel represented.

This may be why Miller’s accusations have been able to float under the radar for so long. The lack of presentation in media can sometimes make queer fans desperate for anything they can get their hands on. 

Miller should’ve faced more harsh consequences after a video surfaced in which he physically assaults a fan. Instead, it made news momentarily only to slip under the rug of celebrity news. It turns out this incident was only the beginning of Miller’s problematic behavior.

ezra miller the flash

DC speedster

Ezra Miller sharing their official pronouns was a big deal in part because they’d already been cast as The Flash. For many DC fans, they were the first openly queer actor to be cast in a major role for a franchise film.

Fans of The Flash got a glimpse of the speedster at the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It was a promise of the character returning and, therefore, a promise of more queer representation in the form of Miller.

ezra miller the flash

Bad behavior

However, representation means very little in the face of increasingly bizarre & violent behavior. Ezra Miller may play The Flash on the big screen, but their off-screen behavior is anything but heroic. In addition to allegations of bad behavior on set, Miller seems to be more of a villain in real life.

In April 2020, a video surfaced in which they choke a fan and throw them to the ground. In March 2022, a couple accused them of breaking into their bedroom, threatening to kill them, and stealing from them. It’s enough to make many accuse them of a pattern of frightening behavior. 

In light of Ray Fisher’s accusations against Joss Whedon, it’s strange that almost no action has been taken to stop Miller. Many actors joined Fisher in exposing Whedon’s abusive behavior on the set of Justice League.

ezra miller the flash

Fisher’s accusations eventually led to Whedon being released from his role as a DC director. Yet, Miller has been allowed to continue their work with little to no regard for the people they’ve hurt. Regardless of whether or not they can be considered abusive, Miller is becoming more & more of a problem.

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