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2020 is starting to look like Hugh Dancy’s year, with a few recurring roles in big shows. Here's everywhere you can catch Dancy this year.

Missing Will Graham? Everywhere to see Hugh Dancy this year

We already know how much of a joke NBC is when it comes to the way they treat Hannibal. In the past five years, fans have dealt with the brutal cancellation, the lack of support for renewal from any other network, and now, the tone-deaf announcement of the Clarice-themed show from CBS. Hannibal has been treated like the red-headed step-child by everyone outside of the crew who worked on the show. 

Creator Bryan Fuller has made it clear that the minute he gets picked up, he’s ready to go with Hannibal season four. But since we don’t know how long it’s going to be before Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter return to our screens, we only have Hugh Dancy’s new roles to dream about. 

Hannibal himself Mads Mikkelson has not stayed quiet since Hannibal’s cancellation, joining both the MCU and Star Wars universe. On the other hand, Dancy hasn’t done a lot since Hannibal, outside of a new starring role in Hulu’s The Path. But 2020 is starting to look like Dancy’s year, with a few recurring roles in big shows that could lead to the next big thing for him.


While we’ll continue to dream of Hannigram, Hugh Dancy will get to star on-screen next to his real wife Claire Danes in the final season of Homeland. Dancy’s character will play John Zabel, a new addition to the White House staff as the president’s foreign policy advisor and a new rival to Mandy Patinkin’s Saul Berenson. 

After spending time captured in a Russian gulag last season, Danes’ Carrie is back but not the same woman she was before. When called on by Berenson to help him negotiate peace with the Taliban, Carrie will struggle, forcing John to step up to the dismay of Saul. 

While we’ve seen Dancy act in dramatic roles before, Homeland has a more action nature to it due to the spy aspect, so it will be a nice break. Homeland’s final season begins February 9th on Showtime. 

The Good Fight

The CBS All Access spinoff of The Good Wife is bringing the heat this season by adding Hugh Dancy to the cast, while also bringing back Matthew J. Fox and Zach Grenier’s characters from the original show. The announcement was made at the winter TCA press tour. 

Dancy’s role will have him starring as Caleb, a former military official who is one of the employees at the huge law firm that bought out Reddick Boseman & Lockhart. But thanks to his wit and human decency, Caleb finds himself fitting better with Diane and co, rather than the big guys. The Good Fight doesn’t have a set release date for season four, but if we go by the past, we should see new episodes in March. 

Late Night

While technically a 2019 release, Amazon Studios’ Late Night was overlooked by a lot of people when it hit theaters in June 2019, and then was quietly released on Prime not long after leaving theaters. Hugh Dancy stars as Charlie, one of the straight white male writers on Katherine Newbury’s (Emma Thompson) show who at first, is not a fan of newcomer Molly (Mindy Kaling). 

But he, along with his co-workers, warm up to her and her ideas. Dancy’s character is also the one to have had an affair with Katherine, so you get to fantasize about Emma Thompson and Hugh Dancy sleeping together. After a long streak of dramatic roles, it’s nice to see Dancy put his comedic chops to work. 


Like you need an excuse to rewatch Hannibal. But truly, Dancy’s best work is easily his turn as Will Graham. While it’s nice to see Dancy branching out and joining new franchises, we’ll always miss Hannigram and continue to fight for Hannibal’s return to TV.

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    March 3, 2020
  • Dancy is really underrated, I just feel like he deserves to star in more brilliant roles .

    June 5, 2020

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