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Surely, you've heard the news about Chris Evans' photos! The 'Captain America' star has broken his silence. Join us while we tell the tale!

Prepare to simp for Chris Evans with these photos

For many people, it can be easy to forget that the celebrities we see on television are mere human beings every bit as flawed as ourselves. One may say the only difference between a typical nine to five Joe and someone like Chris Evans is that the Evans type is liable to have their most embarrassing and/or flawed normal human moments televised for the whole world to see. Does that sound fair?

Recently, the Captain America star and top contender for Best Hollywood Chris, Chris Evans shared what began as a wholesome video of him and his peers playing the classic game of Heads Up! to his Instagram Story. But then the screen-recorded clip of the video was minimized at the end. Viewers caught a transient glimpse of Evans’ camera roll. Notably, that camera roll featured what’s best described as a photo of his genitals. 

Of course, Evans quickly deleted the Story but the photo which is presumed to be of him has easily circulated around social media. That paved the way for the impassioned calls to stop sharing the photo. Later on, you’ll want to share your take on the Chris Evan photos but for now, we’ll explore what the public seems to think. 

Instagram Story

When it comes to the calls to stop sharing the photo, it appears that many people listened. What is and should be clear to everyone is that Chris Evans (just like anyone else who did nothing wrong) deserves to have his privacy respected. Other folks such as the writers at The Cut were much more grateful when the calls stopped talking about the nude. 

It was because there was a much more interesting image of the award-winning actor. The picture now in discussion was on the same camera roll as the nude but it contained a “smoldering photo of Evans himself, with slightly pouted lips and furrowed brows, emblazoned with the phrase “GUARD. THAT. P***Y. A tweet rolled out saying, “Petition to make everyone change their profile pic to this until Chris Evans tells us wtf it means.”

At the same time, these “urgent” questions came to the limelight: “How did Evans come across this image?” “What exactly compelled him to save it to his phone?” “How did he interpret it?” 

“That it is his duty to guard p***y, or that people with them should don chastity belts in his presence, presumably because no one could resist his sensitive-bro vibes, his proclivity for touching his bulging pecs, his boyish grin?”

Chris Evans

When it comes to both photos, the public seems to think of them differently (although they may have a favorite). It didn’t take long for Chris Evans to break his silence over at least one of the photos. 

“Now that I have your attention…. Vote November 3rd!!!” said Evans when he broke his social media silence. It was merely a day after he shared some explicit photos on his Instagram Stories. He sent social media into perhaps a “meltdown” when he accidentally shared some private pictures, while posting a video of a joyous game night he was having with his family. 

When the memes and jokes were making their way to the social platforms, other celebrities like Mark Ruffalo, Kat Dennings, Scott Evans, and Chrissy Teigen posted hilarious tweets on the photos, making fans crack up on social media. 

Meanwhile, another tweet penned by Chris Evans earned him praise from Billy Eichner, who followed in the actor’s lead, commenting, “Some hot pics here,” when he shared a link to Vote Save America.

Share all your thoughts on the Chris Evans photos in the comments below!

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