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Is there a new connection between Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump? Discover what one Jane Doe in the Epstein case has to say.

Jane Doe speaks about Mar-A-Lago, Epstein, and Trump?

One Jane Doe in the Jeffrey Epstein case, the last holdout suing his estate, is opening up about her experience with current U.S. President Donald Trump. While it was a brief encounter, does it shine a light on Trump’s involvement with Jeffrey Epstein’s ring? 

Until recently, this Jane Doe was considered Jeffrey Epstein’s first victim. She was recruited in 1994 and sexually abused & groomed by Epstein and his girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell for five years. Now, she is the last holdout, refusing to stall her case to participate in Epstein’s victims’ compensation program. 

How did Jeffrey Epstein recruit her? 

Jane Doe met Jeffrey Epstein when she was thirteen and a student at Michigan’s prestigious Interlochen Center for the Arts. Epstein was a regular donor and rented out his own cabin at the forested school & summer camp. There, Epstein started grooming & sexually abusing Doe. 

Jane Doe was a voice student in 1994 when this happened. At the time, Jeffrey Epstein had a scholarship lodge named after him. Interlochen described his lodge as “a gift from a New York businessman and former Interlochen camper.” Doe also notes she was approached by Epstein’s former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, too. 

Interlochen officially cut ties with Epstein after his 2008 plea deal for soliciting a minor. The spot where Jeffrey Epstein picked Jane Doe is harrowing. Originally, it was known that Epstein groomed girls from New York and Florida. The location where Epstein picked Jane Doe shows how much larger his scope was. 


When Jane Doe was fourteen, Jeffrey Epstein took her to Mar-A-Lago to meet Donald Trump. Epstein also groomed Doe’s mother and took the mother & daughter pair on shopping trips to earn Doe’s mom’s trust. Jane Doe was living in Florida when Epstein abused her. 

Epstein remarked to Trump about how good she looked and the pair shared a chuckle. Doe’s suit doesn’t implicate Trump in any sexual assault, though. 

Later, Donald Trump would ban Jeffrey Epstein from Mar-A-Lago for inappropriate behavior towards a guest’s underage daughter. 

Donald Trump & Jeffrey Epstein’s friendship

Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein met in the 1980s where Trump was a real estate mogul and Epstein was an up-and-coming financier. Trump became interested in Epstein’s money smarts and Epstein was allegedly interested in Trump as a client or for networking. 

Donald Trump & Jeffrey Epstein became fast friends, as they both moved in New York and Palm Beach’s social scenes. People recalled seeing the pair like each other’s wingmen. The friendship reportedly soured in 2004 due to a bidding war over a Palm Beach mansion. 

Donald Trump now denies the friendship between him and Jeffrey Epstein. He claims they only met once or twice. 

Sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump

Like Jeffrey Epstein, Donald Trump has been accused of sexual assault. So far, twenty-five women came forward against Trump. The allegations made media headlines after video footage of Trump saying you can “grab ‘em by the p*ssy” aired during the 2016 election. 

Unlike Jeffrey Epstein, Donald Trump hasn’t faced criminal charges. Trump has faced at least five civil suits alleging he sexually assaulted women. The first suit was from his ex-wife Ivana, who all but reported that Trump may have committed marital rape. While Ivana Trump was granted a divorce, it was for “cruel & inhuman treatment.” 

Donald Trump denies all allegations of sexual assault against him. On numerous occasions, he used the allegations to paint himself as a political martyr, blaming the political establishment & mainstream media for painting him in a negative light. 

The only holdout for Jeffrey Epstein’s estate

Meanwhile, this aforementioned Jane Doe is the only holdout for Jeffrey Epstein’s estate according to her attorneys. Other victims delayed their cases to pursue the Jeffrey Epstein Victims’ Fund. Jane Doe characterizes the fund as a means for Epstein’s benefactors to delay justice. Doe is “not walking away” according to them. 

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