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Are the rumors that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi divorcing true? Take a closer look at the claims about their relationship.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi: Signs their marriage is on the rocks?

Ellen DeGeneres saw so many negative headlines revolving around her this year, you could probably build a small mountain with them. The Ellen DeGeneres Show had its lineup of top staff completely overhauled due to an internal investigation over toxic workplace accusations. 

Staff, fans, and guests of the daytime show said Ellen DeGeneres is mean in real life, and an Australian producer said he wasn’t allowed to speak to her when she came in for an interview. All of these claims swept through the internet, leaving everyone, including her die-hard fans feeling like they don’t trust DeGeneres’s “be kind” persona anymore.

Now, it seems the internet is claiming DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi are considering splitting up. While there have been a few reasons cited for the claim, let’s take a look at why they don’t make a lot of sense.

Fighting and jealousy

Some outlets claimed to have an “inside source” (who conveniently remains anonymous) making statements about how Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres are fighting non-stop these days.

A source also stated that de Rossi was offered her own cooking show, but Ellen DeGeneres would rather see her wife stay home, and also doesn’t want their kitchen to become a film set. (Despite the fact their living room already has been one for The Ellen DeGeneres Show for months, thanks to the pandemic.)

There’s no proof of these claims, and others have said DeGeneres was extremely supportive of her wife’s cooking endeavors.

I Stand by Ellen

Another reason these claims don’t make a lot of sense is the fact, not too long ago, Portia de Rossi took to Instagram to inform the world she stands by her wife, which was met with backlash.

De Rossi’s post consisted of a blue square with white text (to match the aesthetics of her wife’s show no doubt) saying “I stand by Ellen” and “be kind to one another”.

To really drive home how much Portia de Rossi believed in her wife she also used the hashtag #StopBotAttacks, implying real people weren’t making the claims against her wife.

Talking to press

Even more recently, while on a walk with her dogs & mother, Portia de Rossi was accosted by some paparazzi. When asked, she admitted her wife, Ellen DeGeneres, was doing just fine.

A few years back, Portia de Rossi was in an interview responding to other divorce rumors and she stated that she kind of enjoyed them because she felt it meant people viewed her marriage the same way they viewed heterosexual Hollywood couples. She felt it was a sign of acceptance and equality.

Probably not divorcing

The Hollywood rumor mill will always have an interest in the status of celebrity couples, and often that means making up rumors or jumping to conclusions based on very little evidence.

It seems, at least for now, that the Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi rumors are just made up stories in order to add to all the other bad press surrounding DeGeneres at the moment.

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