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In light of recent controversy, 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' gave their employees better perks. What are they? Find out if you'd want to work for Ellen.

Want to work for ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’? Apply now

While The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been getting a bad rap lately, it looks like they’re trying to turn things around for their employees. In response to criticism about a toxic work environment, Ellen DeGeneres is delivering new perks to the people who work for her. 

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is one of the highest-rated television shows on air. It’s also one of the few talk shows that’s syndicated. The profits alone saved it from being canceled amid calls to ax it due to the reported hostile work environment. However, big changes have been happening, including the firing of three producers.

If you want to work at The Ellen DeGeneres Show, here are the improved perks you can look forward to. 

From controversy to great place to work

The new employee benefits for The Ellen DeGeneres Show come after a wave of controversy about Ellen DeGeneres’s talk show’s workplace. During lockdown in April, a good-natured call for positive stories about experiences with DeGeneres turned into an exposé from her disgruntled current & former employees. 

Employees on The Ellen Show claimed they received hostile treatment, including racist microaggressions, denied time off for funerals, and even sexual harassment. The Ellen Show’s parent company, Time Warner, launched an investigation that resulted in three producers being fired and some sweeping changes. 

Five more paid leave days

In new employee contracts, The Ellen DeGeneres Show gives its employees five extra days of paid time off. Ellen DeGeneres mandated this perk herself, as her show films 170 episodes per year. Each episode films in about an hour, but there’s probably a lot of prep work that goes into each episode before, during, and after filming. 

How many days The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s employees got off previously varied, probably due to their position and seniority. 

The Ellen DeGeneres Show also gives employees their birthdays off, paid. If you work for DeGeneres now, you get your birthday to yourself to treat yourself! 🎂

Family and medical leave

This perk is in direct response to complaints about The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s work environment. Current and former employees reported not being able to take sick days or attend family funerals due to strict attendance policies. Now, they’ve changed that. 

Employees of The Ellen DeGeneres Show now receive medical time and family emergency time paid. How this paid time off factors into other paid days isn’t clear. However, Ellen DeGeneres’s employees won’t have to worry about not being able to attend family functions anymore. 

Boosting morale 

Ellen Degeneres shared the new perks herself during a zoom meeting. The meeting kicked off rehearsals for the new season, and after a tearful apology for the previous work culture from DeGeneres herself, the executive producers gave the news about the generous new benefits package. 

Staff members of The Ellen DeGeneres Show were pumped and excited after hearing the news. Many of them are ready to leave the old workplace culture behind and are excited for the new season. 

Will it stick? 

We’re not sure what the future holds for The Ellen DeGeneres Show. While these changes seem like a step in the right direction, will they last? It seems like Ellen DeGeneres is committed to being better and the staff wants to move past old hurts. Will fans forgive, or will ratings suffer due to the controversy last spring? 

More stories came out about the inauthentic nature of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. From accusations that DeGeneres is rude to her guests to a couple of insensitive gaffes, Ellen DeGeneres may need to make some more changes before starting her show again in October. 

Hopefully, though, Ellen DeGeneres and The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s mission to be kind can authentically shine through from now on. 

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