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Dr. Dre's daughter has fallen on hard times and dad isn't helping. Dive into the story and find out if 'The Chronic' rapper has a guilty conscience.

Dr. Dre’s daughter is homeless: Will ‘The Chronic’ rapper help her?

Dr. Dre is back in the news this week, but not because of any new album or special edition headphones release. Dre’s personal life has been put on blast over the last year, as details of his very public divorce ripped up headlines since the news became public. Furthermore, we saw the Chronic rapper appear in the news after his tragic bout with a brain aneurysm back in early January.

Dr. Dre’s woes are the focus of the latest story on the rap icon, and this time the buzz comes from his children. This week, Dr. Dre’s daughter has been the focus of various news stories, as reports continue to come in about her homelessness. Dr. Dre is one of the wealthiest rap stars on the planet, so why has his daughter fallen on such hard times? Here’s what we found.

Family problems

The Daily Mail reported about Dr. Dre on Wednesday, and the piece detailed the woes facing the personal life of the Chronic rapper. If you follow the celeb tea beat, you know Dre has dealt with quite the divorce with ex Nicole Young over the last year. 

Reports say after the smoke cleared, Dr. Dre now owes Young a whopping $300,000 per month in spousal support. However, this week’s news concerns Dre’s boo before Young, Lisa Johnson. Hip-Hop Wired reported in 2016 that Lisa Johnson & Dr. Dre got together back in 1983 and had three children together. Now, one of Dre & Johnson’s kids is grown up, and things haven’t been easy.

LaTanya Young

The Daily Mail reported this week that Dr. Dre (née Andre Romelle Young) has a daughter named LaTanya Young, and the woman is now on the streets. Reports say thirty-eight year-old LaTanya is working for DoorDash & Uber Eats and is living out of a rental car.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with making an honest living, but fans are wondering why the famous daughter of one of the world’s most celebrated rappers isn’t getting any help from dad.

Dr. Dre is said to be worth around $800 million, but hasn’t given LaTanya any help. Furthermore, LaTanya says she’s reached out to her father several times for help, but hasn’t received any financial support from the Chronic rapper in eighteen months. Moreover, she’s a single mother of four.


LaTanya told The Daily Mail that only she is living in her car right now. Her kids, sixteen year-old Tatiyana, thirteen year-old Rhiana, eight year-old D’Andre, and three year-old Jason III are staying with her friends. LaTanya says she’s been working in a warehouse on top of her jobs at DoorDash & Uber Eat.

Reports say LaTanya doesn’t have her dad’s cell number and she has exclusively been talking to the Chronic rapper’s legal team when trying to reach out to him. Dr. Dre’s lawyer told LaTanya Dre won’t help her out because she has spoken to the press about her dad in the past.

LaTanya confirmed she has spoken about Dre to the press in the past, and even said her dad used to help her out, paying rent & an allowance, but the well has run dry since 2020. LaTanya explained to reporters her sorrow with her grandchildren never meeting their famous grandfather. 

LaTanya is quoted saying, “My kids are old enough to know who he is. They are in shock that he doesn’t want anything to do with them”. For now, we don’t know whether Dr. Dre will respond to the story, or if the Chronic rapper will help his struggling daughter & grandkids.

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