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Alleged sex offender R. Kelly is credited on Drake's new album. See why the defamed star is listed as a songwriter and how critics & fans are reacting.

Why is alleged predator R. Kelly credited on Drake’s new album?

Drake fans rejoice as his new album Certified Lover Boy has finally been released. Except, there’s a catch. Former R&B star turned sex offender, R. Kelly is somehow credited on Drake’s new album. After fans flocked to the new album, people began to hesitate when reaching the eighth song on the album, as R. Kelly’s name is attached to the credits.

While the new album is facing below satisfactory reviews, it doesn’t help to have an infamous child predator such as R. Kelly listed under the credits. So why is R. Kelly part of the new Drake album anyways? Read how royalties continue to support the sex offender and how people, including R. Kelly’s attorney, have reacted to the controversial credit.

R. Kelly credited on Drake’s new album

On the eighth track, out of twenty-one, on the new album Certified Lover Boy, both Justin Timberlake and R. Kelly are credited as songwriters. Billboard revealed that both musicians are credited due to publishing rights. The song in question “TSU”, samples some of the orchestral pieces from R. Kelly’s 1998 song “Half on a Baby”.

Meanwhile, Justin Timberlake is credited due to “TSU”’s sampling of the NSYNC’s version of Christopher Cross’ song “Sailing”. Although this crediting proves that Drake didn’t necessarily seek out the creative help of defamed R. Kelly, having his name attached to the album has proven unfavorable for the Canadian artist.

R. Kelly’s attorney responds

After R. Kelly’s trial on Friday, his attorney Devereaux Cannick spoke of the credit, “It just speaks to his genius and the demand for his work. I mean, he’s a literary genius, it doesn’t surprise me.” 

He added, “I don’t think it’s that much about the money, I think the public and other artists want his participation. I’m sure he’s totally unaware of it because he’s consumed right now but I will share with him.”

Fans react to the credit

As Drake should have expected, many fans were shocked and upset by R. Kelly’s involvement with the new album. People are also noticing how Drake’s studio is trying to backtrack on the collab with R. Kelly.

Meanwhile, other Twitter users can’t help but be bothered by the fact that the sex offender will ultimately profit off the new Drake album. This is a fact that should have pushed Drake to pass on using the R. Kelly sample in the first place.

Just seeing R. Kelly’s name attached to the new album is enough for listeners to stop midtrack. No one can look past the sexual assault crimes the former R&B singer committed against underage boys & girls.

New Drake album facing poor reviews

Not only is the album receiving backlash for crediting R. Kelly, but Certified Lover Boy is also receiving scathing reviews from many music critics. NME gave Drake’s new album two out of five stars and called it “a boring, bloated disappointment.” Even worse, the critic wrote, “On his sixth studio album, Drizzy sounds jaded and dull, treading water while he once again whines about women and fame”

Meanwhile, The Guardian gave the new album three out of five stars. Although slightly better than NME’s rating, the critic detailed, “Has hip-hop’s most self-pitying superstar finally grown up? The answer delivered by another album of toasts, boasts and dubious love songs is clear: you bet he hasn’t.”

The Guardian review continued, “Any sign that Drake might finally be ready to move on from his oeuvre-defining solipsism, self-pity, passive-aggression, anodyne feuds and his inability to be romantically available is a sleight of hand: Certified Lover Boy is not just more of the same, but nearly 90 minutes of Drake being, well, Drake.”

Have you listened to the new Drake album? What do you think of Drake using an R. Kelly sample? Let us know in the comments below!

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