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Want Disney Plus in time for Christmas? Here's all the ways you can get get a free account before they disappear forever.

Need a Disney Plus account for Christmas? How to get a free one

You read that right!

There are currently multiple ways to give the gift of a Disney Plus account for the holiday season . . . for free!

Disney Plus

Since its launch last year, Disney Plus has gone on to have one of the quickest increases in subscriptions for any streaming service, gaining viewers at a pace faster than Netflix, Peacock, Apple TV, and others.

Disney Plus offers an impressive selection of movies & TV from the Disney catalog, and now after all the announcements we received last week during the Disney Investor Day, it seems like Disney Plus will be overflowing with new content in the next couple of years, with a library that’s nearly as big as the one in Beast’s castle in Beauty and the Beast.

Even though the seven-day free trial offer has now been discontinued, there are still other ways to experience the magic & wonder of Disney from the comfort of your living room. Here are a few ways to get a Disney Plus account for free.

US Mobile

There are certain perks for a US Mobile wireless carrier, especially for people who sign up for multiple unlimited lines per account.

This includes a way to receive a free Disney Plus/Hulu/ESPN Plus bundle package, which will typically run you around $12.99 per month. The one thing you need to make sure you have is three unlimited lines for your account, and from there you get to select your bundle of streaming services for your account.

Go grab your buddy Carlton and “Jump on it”! 

Verizon Wireless

Verizon is offering many different ways for its customers to receive a free Disney Plus account. For example, if you decide to sign up for either the Do More Unlimited Plan or the Start unlimited Plan, you can get a Disney Plus account for up to six months for free.

As well, if you elect to sign up for the Play More Unlimited plan or the Get More Unlimited plan, you can also get ESPN Plus & Hulu for free, as well, along with a Disney Plus account.

Also, any new customers for Verizon’s consumer Fios internet service will be eligible for a free year of the Disney Plus streaming service.

Disney Parks employee

Did you know that if you’re an employee at any of the Disney Parks locations, including Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, as well as Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL, you’re eligible for a free Disney Plus subscription?

There is a caveat, however. Park employees will have to choose between a free Disney Plus subscription or the Disney Parks Main Entrance Pass, which allows employees to give free park passes to family & friends.


A cool way to get a free Disney Plus account for two months is through any purchase involving real money inside this Epic Games’ smash-hit, Fortnite, where you play the role of a shooter in a battle royale styled setting, in which you can log on and play with friends & family.

This offer is expected to end on December 31, 2020, and is only available for new subscribers.

Currently not available in some countries.

Delta Airlines

Good news!

If you’re a current or new member to Delta Skymiles and you travel on specific routes through Delta, then you can receive a free Disney Plus subscription with a two-week trial, an offer only available for new Disney Plus subscribers.


Google has launched a limited-time offer for anyone who decides to purchase a Chromebook that involves three free months of a Disney Plus subscription.

This offer is only available for U.S. residents as well as for those new to the Disney Plus streaming service.

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