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YouTube icon and Twitter personality DefNoodles was suspended from Twitter two days ago. Get ready to retweet and dive into what we know so far!

DefNoodles suspended: Could this YouTube icon be responsible?

Drama YouTuber and Twitter personality DefNoodles was suspended from Twitter two days ago with, currently, little reasoning presented by the platform for the suspension. Some speculate that Youtube icon Faze Banks may be responsible for the ban as he and DefNoddles have had a contentious relationship in the past. 

DefNoodles, real name Dennis Feitosa, posted on his secondary account on July 13th about the suspicion and that some may blame the “Network Enforcement Act”, which according to Feitosa is false as his account was investigated several times. Some have rallied to support him, but some made note of the silence from other YouTube icons from the drama community, such as Trisha Paytas, about the issue. 

Naturally, Twitter had many . . . . mixed feelings about DefNoodles’s suspension and the involvement of YouTube icon Faze Banks as well as other parties. We scrolled through the threads to find more information and the best reactions to DefNoodles’s suspension from Twitter. Get ready to retweet and dive into what we know so far about DefNoodles’s suspension from Twitter. 

Who is DefNoodles, anyway? 

DefNoodles, aka Dennis Feitosa is a Twitter and YouTube icon in the drama community who, according to him, runs a satirical channel and accounts covering influencer news, discussing figures from Trisha Paytas to Logan Paul. 

“This is all soft journalism,” he said in an interview with Vulture, “and a lot of the time it’s just presented with such seriousness, and people take it so seriously. I’m making fun of how these non-stories are presented and framed in this way that ends up generating all this outrage.” 

Despite his desire to be seen as a satirist, DefNoodles has received backlash in the past for his posts, including a temporary suspension from Twitter last August after posting a video of Charli D’Amelio using a vape. He deleted the video and the account was reinstated, but that hasn’t stopped others from pointing out that, at times, his account’s punchlines could be a bit mean spirited and potentially lead to misinformation. 

The current suspension 

In a statement given to Business Insider, Twitter claimed that DefNoodles had been banned due to violating its rules, though the representative did not clarify exactly which rule that was. DefNoodles has continued to state that the ban was over nothing, but some have posited that this may be a long time coming, including YouTube icon Faze Banks. 

“You’ve got this completely wrong and this is why you have the absolute worst reputation in the space. It’s almost unbelievable how dishonest you are,” Banks tweeted earlier this month before the suspension, leading some to wonder if Banks had something to do with Twitter’s actions. 

Others speculate that Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem from Drama Alert may have also been involved, but as of right now there is currently no connection between either of the YouTubers and DefNoodles’s ban. 

Twitter is already going off

Many Twitter users are currently discussing DefNoodles’s ban from the platform, with some heartbroken to see him go while others claim that the platform is better off without him. Reactions to the DefNoodles’s ban include: 

Here comes the red string . . . . 

That’s definitely one interpretation of events that some are taking. 

And there’s the other side of the argument . . . . 

 That is a bit suspicious, we won’t lie . . . . 

We’d probably be that mad too. 

What are your thoughts on DefNoodles’s suspension from Twitter? Drop them below in the comments while the threads are still going!

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