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Winter is quickly approaching so we put together some of the internet's funniest dark humor memes about the bleak season.

These dark humor memes will have you laughing all winter

Winter is just around the corner. Snow, cold, puffy jackets, the never ending swirl of Christmas music that will just never, ever end until like February. With that, it’s time to get out the dark humor memes about the season. After all, with the days getting shorter, our humor seems to get darker all the while. Sometimes, you just need to have some memes as dark as the season.

With this in mind, we’ve gathered up the twelve funniest memes out there about how our dark humor emerges during this time. From seasonal depression to cars driving on snowy roads, you’ll accept that you’re probably going to go to Hell. But, unlike the planet, at least Hell is warm in the winter time, you know? So prepare yourself for some serious chuckles with these wintry dark humor memes.

1. Wintery roads = death

Listen, snowy roads can be a ride. But, let’s be real here, it’s probably a ride right to the morgue if you’re not careful. Still, just let out a “wheeeeee” before you go. Better go out laughing than utter terror at the end of it.

2. Expectation vs reality

Someone always hits that green sign that lets you know when they exit is when they drive their car on a road that hasn’t been cleared. Is it a magnetic attraction? Or, are all cars just drawn to them in snowy weather? Seriously.

3. Old Man Winter emerges

Quick! Get a hair dryer and send him back to Hell! Look at him emerging from the endless piles of snow. Also, seriously, imagine waking up and seeing that in your neighbors yard. Who else would just nope back to bed?

4. RIP to Chicago

Chicago gets hit the worst at winter and we pour one out for them. Because the temperatures drop and we get chills just from looking at the Weather Channel. Never mind actually living through it. 

5. Immediately get hypothermia

And it’s worse when you have to run to the car that’s equally cold, because that’s how it is in the winter. You just immediately get hypothermia and die halfway to the car. Immediately get it. 

6. The season wins

People need to stop underestimating those Russian winters! Seriously, Napoleon, it’s Russia. They made an ice palace there. It gets cold. 

7. Ah the winter of 2020

That’s when we realized that we all, like peasants, were going to get the plague and probably die. History has so much to teach us, but we just don’t learn from it like ever, huh? 

8. Bring back this winter fashion

Let’s wear some seriously glorious dresses and cloaks with some plague doctor masks and just commit to the fashion, alright? Let’s commit to it. 

9. When seasonal depression joins the gang

When you’re dealing with your regular depression and your quarantine depression, you see the sun going down at five in the evening. Now, you just know that seasonal depression is gearing up to join the squad. 

10. Loving the season vs season depression

Here’s a hint for you. The seasonal depression tends to win against any love you have for fall and winter. It always wins. And, yes, it does look like a Michael Myers abomination of The Cat in the Hat

11. Here it comes

You feel the chill in the air. You see the sun go down. And then there’s that seasonal depression hitting you in the face as winter appears. 

12. That’s one way of looking at things

Sure, the snow is so thick that you can’t see. People are crashing into signs. There’s that  seasonal depression. A plague is going on. But at least there are no mosquitos flying around. 

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