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Searching for “alcohol store near me” is trending for a reason. Get your buzz on with these boozy memes to ease the nerves.

Googling “alcohol store near me”? Laugh at these boozy memes

With the chaotic U.S. elections blaring on your TVs & social media, lots of us are fraught with unbearable anticipation. Whether you’re afraid of the results or the unrest that could ensue in response, it’s important to find a coping mechanism to help you handle the stress.

Stress management can come in many forms such as getting some exercise, laughing at lighthearted memes, cuddling a cute animal, or finding emotional support. Sometimes, however, these strategies might not cut it. Some of us are turning to the bottle for a little something to settle the nerves. 

Googling “alcohol store near me” is trending right now for a reason. Indulging in an alcoholic beverage is definitely one way to take the edge off of that crippling anxiety brewing in your get. Here are some boozy memes that show how we’re all fond of getting intoxicated right now. 

Wine in the weather

That remaining 1% is pretty much only there in case you can’t make it to the alcohol store in time.  

Jack Daniel’s dressing 

If you’re trying to stop stress eating, you could try this out instead. 

Boozy love

If you’re the sappy drunk type this will probably be you soon. Hugging a cute animal + drinking? You’ve got that stress management in the bag. 

Come to the dunk side

Remember that alcohol is a depressant that will most definitely make you sleepy. If you’re already tired by the time you start glugging that drink, RIP. 

Drinking buddy

Drinking with a friend is so much better than drinking alone. Don’t hesitate to spend some quality booze time with your buddies. (If you’re social distancing, drinking together on video-call works just as well!) 

Always land on your feet

Be careful not to fall! Drinking can give you those wobbly legs and deter your cat-like reflexes.

That got dark

The elections may make you feel dead inside at this point. Alcohol may be bad for you, but at least it could help turn that dark mentality into dark humor instead. 

Adventure time!

You don’t need the party to have fun – go ahead and ditch it to have some wild drunken adventures. Warning – if you try to climb a tree it probably won’t end well.  

Go for that H20

If you’re drinking alcohol remember to pair it with lots of water as well! 

Wine cooler

This would spice up your water cooler work chat, wouldn’t it? 

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