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Michael Myers is making his return to the big screen in Halloween Kills, the newest addition to a film franchise spanning four decades.

Michael Myers returns in ‘Halloween Kills’: Everything we know so far

Fans of slasher films rejoice – Michael Myers is making his return to the big screen in Halloween Kills, the newest addition to a film franchise that spans four decades, multiple story lines, and countless on-screen victims. 

Halloween Kills will follow yet another chapter in this long running franchise that began with 2018s Halloween – a film which sits in the top ten on the Forbes list of highest grossing horror movies of all time.

With high expectations all around, here is everything you need to know about the eagerly anticipated Halloween Kills.

Michael Myers returns for the twelfth time 

Serving as the twelfth installment of the slasher franchise, Halloween Kills is the faithful sequel to 2018’s Halloween – yet another beginning to a new trilogy & storyline embedded in the series. 

Halloween (2018) left audiences half-heartedly believing Michael Myers might be trapped in a burning house, finally sealing his fate for good. But any fan of the masked killer knew that just like the near dozen times before, a return or resurrection was  guaranteed. 

As if on cue, a teaser trailer for Halloween Kills joins the bloodied survivors of the previous film – led by our very own “queen of scream” Jamie Lee Curtis – fleeing from the blaze, and screaming after oncoming fire trucks. The first responders are presumed to be making their way to put out the blaze, likely saving Myers from his fiery fate. 

The plot details of Halloween Kills are still murky at best, but rest assured that Myers will be looking to finish what he always starts by hunting down the ensemble from start to finish. But will the group be more prepared to face him this time? Probably not.

Halloween Kills and its familiar direction  

Returning to the director’s chair for Halloween Kills is David Gordon Green. Sometimes dubbed “the most eclectic director in Hollywood,” it’s not always easy to imagine the man behind the comedies Pineapple Express (2008) and Your Highness (2011) striking box office gold with his first stab at Halloween (2018). 

Green returns with a strong writing team including the likes of Jeff Fradley who was also a screenwriter behind the 2018 installment. Collaborating again with the writing team is the actor, writer, and comedian Danny McBride – someone who has previously written with or starred in a handful of Green’s films. 

Adding another legend of horror to the mix, John Carpenter – the director of the original Halloween from 1978 – is returning to create that iconic score that makes Myers so terrifying. 

In an interview with Indiewire, he was open about the “intense and brutal” nature of Halloween Kills and the massive body count the killer will register. Carpenter also described the film as “a slasher movie times one hundred”. We’re not entirely sure what that will mean considering the Zob Zombie remakes of 2007 and 2009 – but we’re thrilled.

Halloween Kills: Who’s returning? 

Of course, Jamie Lee Curtis is back in her role as the franchise’s original protagonist, Laurie Strode. The inclusion of Curtis in Halloween Kills will account for her sixth credited appearance in the franchise.

Starring alongside Curtis are a few other familiar faces from 2018s Halloween – including the likes of Kyle Richards, Judy Greer, and Andi Matichak. 

One surprising addition to the cast is Anthony Michael Hall, whose more recent film stints involved serious, dramatic roles that have moved him far beyond the identity of just a member of the 80s “brat pack.”

Halloween Kills: Just not this year 

Remember earlier when we said “film fans rejoice?” Well you may want to quell your excitement just a bit after it was not-so-unexpectedly announced that Halloween Kills is being delayed over health concerns related to the ongoing global pandemic. 

While we were all excited for Michael Myers to scare us silly in the anticipated release of Halloween kills this October, the recent announcement shared by members of the cast and crew indicates that the film is being delayed a whole year more.

That’s right, fans now must wait until October 2021 to enjoy the newest Halloween installment. David Gordon Green and John Carpenter shared the update on social media, explaining they were not eager to release a film that would be “consumed in a compromised theatrical experience.”

That just means you’re really going to want to see this movie in theaters. Jamie Lee Curtis also expressed her disappointment at the news on social media, though she called the film “prescient and powerful” and “worth the wait.” 

With all of the hype from cast and crew, no wonder there is such a buzz around Halloween Kills. Surely we’re all in for the return of Michael Myers in another box office smash – and expectations couldn’t be higher. 

Even with a prolonged wait, there’s something to be said about the team’s direction and dedication to bringing fans the cinematic scares we crave every October – let’s just hope we’re allowed that very opportunity by 2021.

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