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The week's most interesting crowdfunded efforts in indie film: 'Ask for Jane', 'Distance', 'Black Beach/White Beach', & 'At the End of the Day'.

Support cinema: ‘Ask for Jane’, ‘Distance’, ‘Black Beach/White Beach’

Ask for Jane

Asking for: $200k

Slated for filming: Summer 2017

Logline: In 1970s Chicago a group of women found a way to provide safe and affordable abortions to women, before it was legal.

Why you should support this: This period piece tells the story of the Jane Collective, who helped over 11,000 women procure safe, illegal abortions. Based on true events, the drama focuses on a woman’s right to choose – just as important a story now as it was back then.

Key personnel: Rachel Carey: Writer & Director, Cait Johnson: Creator & Lead Actor


Asking for: $20k

Slated for filming: 2017

Logline: Distance is about a couple in love who live far away from one another.

Why you should support this: The team made a pilot for the show, which became a favorite (& award-winner) on the 2016 festival circuit. Although the pitch can come across as “just another story about breeders,” they are doing something interesting in the story execution. Each episode will be split in two: one half told from the female perspective, one told from the male, each directed by the corresponding sex. The show promises to illustrate how the couple’s daily life and external relationships influence their time together, and may illuminate how men and women approach challenges in their relationships differently.

Key personnel: Alex Dobrenko: Creator & Actor. Ashley Rae Spillers: Actor & Producer. Carlyn Hudson: Writer & Director. Jack Lawrence Mayer: Writer & Director.

Black Beach/White Beach

Asking for: $15k

Slated for filming: 2017

Logline: Exploring segregation, integration & motorcycle culture. Racial tensions reach a boiling point every spring in Myrtle Beach.

Why you should support this: The documentary, telling the true story of two festivals held on back-to-back weekends yearly which attract racially different audiences, will explore a legacy of segregation and the reason for its continued presence in motorcycle culture.

Key personnel: David Iversen: Editor/Co-Producer

At The End of The Day

Asking for: fully funded

Slated for filming: Already filmed; raising funds for post-production

Logline: A conservative professor at a Christian college experiences a profound change when he finds himself in a gay support group to stop their launch of a small town LGBT homeless teen shelter.

Why you should support this: Although it seems insane to us, prejudice still permeates society. This film talks about love, unity, religion and acceptance, and while not getting deep into politics, it promises to carefully approach themes of Christianity, LGBTQ, homelessness, and acceptance, stating “it’s about asking questions more than having the answers.”

Core team: Kevin O’Brien: Writer/Director/Producer, Brandon D. Hyde: Cinematographer

To find out more about crowdfunded films, check out Seed&Spark.

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