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Crowdfunding has had a significant impact on the film industry, transforming the way films are financed, produced, and distributed. Here are several ways in which crowdfunding has influenced

Equity crowdfunding is a practical method of starting and supporting businesses. Here's a list of 5 things that you need to know about this method.

Cryptocurrency has emerged as a viable alternative to traditional film financing. While still in its early phase, crypto offers a number of advantages.

Kevin Harrington may be in some hot water after 'Shark Tank' entrepreneurs accused the duo of fraud. Are they guilty? Wade further into this story here.

Filmmaker Nigel Hartwell, takes the twists and turns you know and flips them on their head with horror movie 'Demented'.

We’ve been talking a lot about why 'Shadowhunters' deserves to continue. Want to #SaveShadowhunters? Let’s make it happen, Shadowfam – here’s how.

'No Postage Necessary' is the first feature available on a "crypto" blockchain distribution platform. Can they succeed?

We turn our spotlight to some of the best LGBTQI film festivals, so we now look at the best advocacy groups for LGBTQI filmmakers to find funding.

Legion M is a production company, a movie studio, and a multimedia entertainment company, but all funded by fans.