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Legion M is a production company, a movie studio, and a multimedia entertainment company, but all funded by fans.

We’ve been talking a lot about why 'Shadowhunters' deserves to continue. Want to #SaveShadowhunters? Let’s make it happen, Shadowfam – here’s how.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest and best films that you might not have known were financed by crowdfunding campaigns.

'Disaster Capitalism' has proved a hit on the film festival circuit so far. We at Film Daily were lucky enough to catch up with director Thor Neureiter to

Sometimes you can get lucky when making short films and you can somehow come up with an idea that doesn’t cost any money and doesn’t take a lot

We’ve already turned our spotlight to some of the best LGBTQI film festivals out there, so today we’re here to look at the best advocacy groups for LGBTQI

Gadgets are great fun to play around with, but for filmmakers they can become some of the most vital tools in the production process, particularly for those on

The first ever feature film to be available to stream on a blockchain distribution platform has been announced as 'No Postage Necessary'. The movie might be the first

Title: Horizon Funding goal: $20,000 Slate for filming: In the process for 2018 release. Costs go towards costume, production design, crew fees, equipment, and transportation. Logline: “A space-based adventure that grapples