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A new Karen contender has emerged 'Courtside Karen'. Leaning the meaning behind the latest Karen meme.

Has the Karen meme returned? The meaning behind ‘Courtside Karen’

Ah, Karen. You truly never leave us, do you? No matter what happens. It seems like every couple of months a new Karen pops up to give the meme more meaning. From blaming a Black teenager for stealing her iPhone (it was his iPhone) to refusing to wear masks, Karen’s pop up everywhere. They want the manager. They want you to listen to them. And they are so privileged that it just generally disgusts the people around them.

As everyone’s patience grows shorter due to COVID’s continuation, so do their done-ness with the Karens of the world, who continue to bring new meaning to the meme. The latest one? Courtside Karen. Who was at Hawks-Lakers game with her Karen husband and they both weren’t wearing masks? LeBron James called them out on it. Good for LeBron! We can’t wait for Space Jam 2!

Eventually, it led to Karen and Mr. Karen being ejected from the game after a verbal altercation with the basketball superstar that got heated. To be fair, Courtside Karen went after LeBron. Hard. But there’s no basketball manager that Karen can harass here. LeBron just found the whole incident amusing, tweeting the following: 

Twitter, eternal lovers of the Karen roasts, emerged from its well to drag out the Karen meme and give Courtside Karen a new meaning. Here are some of the best ones that the site had to share. 

Another layer of hilarity

Seriously! The Lakers were the away team. They were playing Atlanta. So someone from the rival team got some kicked out of the stadium for their home team.

Ah, a feast of Karen memes for us all.

This truly was a feast for all of Twitter to enjoy.

A+ meme game

Memes need to be involved more in sports. I’d love to hear sports announces reference memes. 

Wow. It really does look like that cat meme

To be fair, the sport’s announcer from the previous tweet ain’t wrong.

LeBron James: Man of Many Talents

LeBron dropped a top tier new insult for Courtside Karen. Ol’ Steroid Ass being what we call people that annoy us in 2021. 

Happy Black History Month, everyone! 

That’s the sort of solid start to Black History Month that everyone needed, getting a Karen kicked out of a basketball game for being a Karen.

Sure, Jan. You’re 25.

Oh. Honey. No. 

Twitter calls BS, Courtside Karen

Seriously, no one believes this woman is 25. 

The difference between a Karen and a normal person

LeBron James being classy. Karen . . . not so much.

And a nice reminder because LeBron James is a good dude

Sure, Courtside Karen was trending. But have some heartwarming fan interactions with LeBron James. Because he’s a better person than Courtside Karen! 

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