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Anyone who's worked in retail before knows a Karen the minute they see one. If you're unfamiliar with Karens, use these memes as a guide.

Drag queens tend to be exaggerated characters, but Karen from Finance is literally *a character*. Here's how she survived 'Drag Race Down Under'.

Who had "Woman actually named Karen acts like a total Karen" on their 2021 bingo card? Read about another facemask tantrum and wait for the memes!

A new Karen contender has emerged 'Courtside Karen'. Leaning the meaning behind the latest Karen meme.

Can Karen memes be sexist? Discover what feminist icon Gloria Steinem has to say about the Karen trend.

We may laugh at Karen memes on Twitter, but you know who isn't laughing? Women named Karen. They're being actually affected by the meme.

You see Karen memes online so much you'll forget they exist in real life. Here are some stories of Karens in the wild to blow your mind.

Karens have evolved from asking for the manager to calling the police. Here are some of the most brutal Karen memes about the racist Karen in your life. 

There are a lot of ways to describe a Karen. Here are some real-life Karens with that notorious haircut, the tell-tale sign of the ultimate Karen.