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Will you be finding new ingredients in your Coke Zero? Twitter's not happy. Check out Coca-Cola's plans to change up their popular soft drink yet again.

Coca-Cola Zero is changing ingredients: Take a sip of the new drink

Taking a break from intense world news, it’s been revealed that Coca-Cola is releasing a new Coke Zero drink. The new zero sugar soda is said to have been updated so that the taste resembles their original Coca-Cola soda with sugar.

As expected, many Coke Zero fans have taken to Twitter to express their concerns about the new product which is said to be released this month. People also can’t seem to forget the 1985 fiasco which was “New Coke”. Here are the details on what & when to expect the updated Coke Zero (plus some hilarious fan reactions).

What is the new Coca-Cola recipe?

You may be wondering, “What is this special new Coke Zero going to taste like? Will there be exciting new flavors?” Short answer: No, there’ll be no new flavors. It’s just going to taste like regular Coke. Instead of introducing any new trendy flavors, the latest Coke Zero will supposedly taste more like full-sugary Coke and less like chemical sweeteners.

Coca-Cola has reported that the new recipe “optimizes existing Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar flavors and existing ingredients”. Despite the new recipe, Coca-Cola has also explained that all of the listed ingredients and nutritional information will remain the same. How is that possible? We don’t know either. 

Rafael Prandini, Coca-Cola Category Lead for the North America Operating Unit has detailed, “Recognizing that tastes and preferences are always evolving, we’re focused on continuous improvement to give fans the best-tasting Coca Cola they want—with zero sugar or calories.”

Prandini also informed that Coca-Cola has conducted taste tests for the new product and gained positive reactions from consumers. With all the same ingredients we know & love, perhaps there’s nothing to worry about. Honestly, we can’t wait to find out what this new & improved Coke Zero will taste like.

When will Coca-Cola drop the new drink?

Coca-Cola has already debuted its new Coke Zero drink on July 13th at “Manhattanhenge”, a stunning sunset that perfectly aligns with the New York City skyline. The annual event draws in locals & tourists alike to witness the sun framed between skyscrapers.

While onlookers were viewing the spectacular sunset, the new Coke Zero drink was handed out as a special “first sip” before Coca-Cola’s official launch. Natalia Suarez, Senior Brand Manager at Coca-Cola’s North American Unit reported, “As the country reopens, we want to be a part of this beautiful, culturally relevant moment that’s naturally happening in New York City.” 

She added, “The activation is grounded in the idea that the best moments are even better with a Coke. And we believe this is the best Coke ever.” However, fear not, those outside of Manhattan – the new drink will officially be hitting shelves in the United States by the end of July. 

Anxious fans respond on Twitter

Despite all of the reassurance from Coca-Cola, diehard Coke Zero fans just aren’t ready for the change. Take a look at this tweet from one of the countless upset Coke Zero fans:

Many are ready to throw punches (or at least a strongly-worded letter) if the new Coke Zero doesn’t live up to its predecessor. One upset Twitter user posted, “If you touch Diet Coke, we’re having words.” 

Mitch tweeted his desperation to keep Coke Zero the way it is. He wrote, “Hi, my name is Mitch and I’m a Coke Zero addict. If this change sours my drink of need I may do something desperate.”

Another user expressed their grief & pain with this simple yet desperate statement: “Please. Coke Zero is all I have”.

Other fans are remembering the trauma from 1985 when Coca-Cola released New Coke, which failed miserably. The response was so negative & outraged that it took only three months before the new product was taken off the shelf. Hopefully, the new Coke Zero won’t have such a drastic response. 

What do you think about Coca-Cola’s new ingredients in Coke Zero? Are you a Coke Zero fanatic? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • You are defiantly a good critic. With that being said Coke is it!

    September 30, 2021

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