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'Cinderella' is finally coming to the small screen, and the latest trailer dropped more deets. Jump in your pumpkins and ride to the latest casting news.

‘Cinderella’: Is this the best casting announcement *ever*?

How many Cinderella remakes can there be on one Earth? Well, that seems like a question that the film industry is certainly trying to figure out. Just last week, Amazon Prime Video released a new trailer for the musical-comedy remake of Cinderella, and the casting has a wide range of recognizable and well-loved stars. Will the new film be good though? Let’s take a look at the cast and what the new story will be all about here. 

The new trailer 

The trailer for the new Cinderella movie musical looks pretty interesting so far, and the casting is sure to bring in tons of viewers. The sneak peek we got to see from Amazon Prime last week showed Camila Cabello herself as Cinderella, telling herself: “this is it. Soon enough, everyone will know my name”. The trailer then cuts to a sign that states: “Dresses by Ella”, insinuating our revamped princess is a dress designer. 

While Ella may have a vivid imagination with high hopes and dreams for her life, it’s hard to live out all of them when her evil stepmom keeps her locked up in a house all day. Ella can be heard in the trailer saying: “Life outside this basement starts right now”, before we’re hit with a gorgeous sneak peek at one of the songs from the upcoming musical. But the best thing about the trailer? Seeing Billy Porter as fairy godmother. 

At the very end of the trailer, Billy Porter as the fairy godmother pops out and asks Ella: “So do you want to go to that ball?”, to which Ella responds with: “Yes! I was just crying and singing about it like, two minutes ago”, introducing a much more comedic and sarcastic tone to the remake. So will this musical-comedy version of Cinderella live up to its expectations with the stellar casting it has? We’ll have to find out when it comes out. 

The full cast

While a lot of people aren’t exactly sure how they feel about this upcoming Cinderella remake that’s set to come out on the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform on September 3rd, we can at least say the casting is sure to draw people into the film. After all, the star of the ball is Camila Cabello herself, who has pop hits like “Havana” and “Señorita”, and made her start from being in the well-loved girl group Fifth Harmony. 

This will be Camila Cabello’s first big project in the film world, so we’re excited to see if the star is as good of an actress as she is a musician. And of course, we’re as hyped as ever to see Billy Porter in the trailer in his role as fairy godmother. The Pose star has always been an absolute icon who has defied gender norms and paved the way for a much more diverse Hollywood throughout his career in the media industry. 

“Magic has no gender. I think the new generation is really ready. The kids are ready. It’s the grownups that are slowing stuff down”, Billy Porter told CBS News about his genderless role as the fairy godmother in Cinderella

Idina Menzel, who rose to fame through plenty of Broadway musicals from Rent to Wicked, will be playing the role of the evil stepmother. Nicholas Galitzine will be gracing the screen in his role as Prince Robert, aka the updated Prince Charming. And who is Prince Robert’s father? The handsome and iconic Pierce Brosnan, who you may know as James Bond in the 007 franchise or Sam from the Mamma Mia! movies. 

Minnie Driver, an actress with Oscar and Golden Globe nominations, will be using her talents to play Queen Beatrice in the new Cinderella remake as well. Actresses Maddie Baillio and Charlotte Spencer are also playing the evil stepsisters. As for the mice-turned-footmen, those roles will be taken by Romesh Ranganathan, James Corden, and James Acaster. We can’t wait to see the movie coming out in September!

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