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Will the leaked sexual harassment tape of Chris Cuomo affect his net worth? Discover new developments in Cuomo's leaked tape.

Has Chris Cuomo’s net worth been affected by sexual assault accusations?

Chris Cuomo is hardly a darling to people on the right of the U.S. political spectrum. Apart from working for the liberal news outlet CNN, Chris Cuomo reports critical stories regarding U.S. President Donald Trump. However, for CNN viewers, Chris Cuomo is the reporter who calls out Trump’s gaffes, distortions, and incoherent Twitter ramblings. 

Naturally, with 2020 being an election year, both sides of the aisle are itching to dish dirt on the other, hoping to sway voters to their candidate. With a new tape emerging of Chris Cuomo admitting to & denying sexual harassment allegations against him from ABC, right-wing news outlet Fox News sees a chance to bring Cuomo down. 

Will this affect Chris Cuomo’s influence and net worth? Let’s find out. 

Chris Cuomo’s net worth

According to, Chris Cuomo is worth $12 million. He earns $6 million from his show on CNN per year. He also sold his home in Southampton for $2.9 million, netting him a $1.6 million increase from when he bought it in 2001. Currently, he lives in a Park Ave. apartment worth nearly $3 million. 

Cuomo could also increase his net worth if he still practiced law. He’s a licensed attorney, but doesn’t currently practice.

The Tucker Carlson tape

Chris Cuomo’s net worth could change after Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson released a tape of Cuomo angrily denying sexual harassment accusations against him. Carlson aired the tape on his Fox News show, with a slant on the hypocrisy of the liberal media. Carlson alleged that if a Republican was caught with the same tape, CNN would call for their firing. 

On the tape, Chris Cuomo angrily addressed allegations against him from when he worked at ABC. “I’m always careful when I talk to media, right? You know how many f***ing phone calls I’ve gotten from people at ABC that say that reporters are calling and lying to try and get stories about me when I was at ABC?”

He described how he was pinned as the “Charlie Rose” of ABC, an old man who would lure younger co-workers into his hotel room. “I don’t need to f***ing do that!” He roared. 


The aftermath

In the aftermath of Tucker Carlson’s leak, U.S. President Donald Trump called for Cuomo’s firing on Twitter, referring to him as “Fredo.” Michael Cohen also spoke out about the tape, but said it was supposed to remain between him and the Trump Organization. 


No formal investigation, so no net worth dip (yet)

On September 3, Tucker Carlson gave Fox News viewers an update, saying he heard Chris Cuomo is “in trouble” with CNN. However, this could refer to remarks Cuomo made about not liking what he does on CNN anymore. 

Cuomo had a meltdown on his radio show over hyperpartisanship on CNN. Cuomo said he didn’t want to “traffick ridiculous stories” or cover the president anymore. Cuomo came down with COVID-19, which he credited with making him rethink his time at CNN. 

Meanwhile neither a formal complaint at CNN nor one at ABC. While the absence of a formal complaint doesn’t mean Cuomo is innocent, we’re curious why one wasn’t launched earlier, especially during the height of #MeToo. 

The bigger story behind the story

The Tucker Carlson tape raises more questions than it answers. First, how did Tucker Carlson get the tape? Michael Cohen confirmed on Twitter that the tape was real, but declared its release an invasion of privacy. He said its contents were supposed to remain between him, the Trump Administration, and the Dept. of Justice. 

So who leaked the tape? More importantly, why? Michael Cohen, the person who allegedly made the tape, is releasing a tell-all book about his time as Trump’s attorney and the vice president of the Trump Organization. He was convicted of campaign finance fraud in 2018 regarding an election tampering investigation in the 2016 election. 

Michael Cohen was released on house arrest to serve out the remainder of his sentence amid the COVID outbreak. Cohen was rearrested when a photo leaked of him dining at a Manhattan restaurant. However, Cohen successfully argued that his rearrest was politically motivated due to his upcoming book, so went back on house arrest. 

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