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Twitter seems to be up in arms regarding Chipotle and its rising prices. But is it the employees' fault? Let's see the best reactions.

Why is everyone angry at Chipotle? Join the debate on Twitter now

It has been reported by multiple outlets that Chipotle, home of the world’s messiest burrito has officially spiked their prices up by nearly 4% to cover rising employee wages. This seems like a common thread these days across the restaurant industry, as these popular chains are desperate to attract new employees while retaining the ones they already have. 

And how are they paying for it? By bumping up the prices, making it nearly impossible to get a good deal during the lunch hour. But to be fair, it is our fault. We continue to support brands like Chipotle even though they offer burritos that cannot be wrapped tightly nor do they have cheese that actually melts. However, given these rough times we have to continue supporting each other.

That being said, we still need to let out some built-up aggression for these rising prices, which is why we’ve turned to Twitter to check out some of the funniest reactions regarding Chipotle! Care to see a few? 

Show me the money

You would think that Floyd Mayweather would be nice enough to pick up our Chipotle tabs given his earnings for boxing Logan Paul last weekend. 

Cheap option

If prices are going to keep going up like Twitter says they are, then we don’t think we can afford to keep getting the sofritas option. 


Why are we as a society so lenient with Chipotle? They only have like three menu items, anyway. 

The long wait

Chipotle’s prices may have gone up but that doesn’t mean they’ll get you your bowl any faster. 


We mean . . . that dressing is phenomenal, though. We side by Twitter in this movement. 

The after shock

Speaking of the Mayweather vs. Paul fight . . . 

Decisions, decisions

Fortunately they’re both the same price . . . for now. 

The right stuff

It’s always nice when you land the perfect Chipotle employee to make your bowl or burrito. 

Even with the rise in wages?

Chipotle always reels us back in, one way or another. 

The real answer

CEO’s drive us crazy. Can you even spend $32 million in a lifetime?

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