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Founder and CEO of Big Cat Rescue Carole Baskin was recently under fire. We’ve gathered a few quotes from Carole herself that may be quite telling.

Carole Baskin on her husband: These quotes smell extremely fishy

Founder and CEO of Big Cat Rescue Carole Baskin was recently under fire, accused of murdering her husband, Don Lewis. Although Carole’s rival zookeeper Joe Exotic was actually found guilty for hiring someone to kill Carole, a dedicated group still believes Carole should be the one behind bars.

Despite just as much evidence against Carole’s involvement in her husband’s mysterious disappearance as for it, many insist Carole had something to do with it. Hoping to shed some light on this story, we’ve gathered a few quotes from Carole herself that may support this theory.

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Venomous man

“What is my sick need that I’m trying to fill with this venomous man? I’ve asked forever but I still don’t know. He’s all I’ve never known and he’s the only man I’ve ever loved. I hope Jamie never finds herself in such a sick and perverted relationship”, stated Carole. Perhaps after many years in this toxic relationship with the man she loved, she wanted an easy out to pursue less toxic options.

Till death do they part

“I can’t believe I’ve spent a year with this cool cat. Can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with him.” Notice anything fishy about this quote? Carole implied his life will end before hers. Another option is that Carole is secretly an immortal alien, which in the world of Tiger King can only be counted as a moderate improbability.

This quote wasn’t directed toward Don Lewis, her husband who went missing. Rather, she was talking about her current husband, Howard Baskin. Many suspect she might have a pattern.

WE don’t think anyone will believe it was an accident the second time around, Carole.

Sardine oil

“If I were gonna, you know, if somebody wanted to kill you, then they would put sardine oil all over you.”

Sorry, what? Carole, that was way too specific to have been made up on the spot. If someone is accusing you of murder, you’re not supposed to say how you’d do it. Granted, Carole likely uses sardine oil for feeding her big cats on a daily basis. However, something about this quote still smells fishy.

Body language

Many know there’s more than one way to talk. Body language is an important part of any face-to-face conversation. In April 2020, body language expert Bruce Durham shared some insight as to what he believes could be evidence pointing towards Carole being guilty.

Bruce Durham claims Carole Baskin pressing her lips together anytime a rumor is mentioned could be evidence she’s hiding something. “She’s stopping herself saying something there”, Durham claims.

When asked about the past Carole doesn’t look down to search for memories. Instead, she looks straight ahead at the interviewer, Bruce points out. “I keep looking for her to look down, but she doesn’t. She looks straight ahead. She looks straight ahead at the interviewer.”

Bruce Durham allows that he doesn’t possess enough evidence to make any radical assumption about Carole. However, with all evidence stacked up, this case just gets fishier and fishier.

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  • Well said when she looks into camera she is nodding to not killing him but her head is constantly going forward. Also one key thing he made a report on her for threatening him just like her other husband. I believe she is guilty and I do believe this woman will get caught in time. This case isn’t closing and with knowing from 2 experts that her husbands name was forged that tells you there she was 100% involved! Why aren’t they arresting her or taking her in to take a lie detector test! Can’t you get a voice analyst to go over her questions and answers like on other shows and right there it can recognize deceit in her voice. Please someone look into this and give the family closure on their loved one clearly he isn’t alive after all these years. Carol Baskin makes me sick and she is phony as they come. Oh poor her she says yeah I hope they get this woman and put her right where she belongs in prison for MURDER!

    June 4, 2020

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